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Listing CounterThis is the number of all currently running eBay listings, created with GarageSale. This makes it the most popular eBay tool for Mac!
December 21st, 2012:

GarageSale Holiday Sale

Merry Christmas from everyone at iwascoding!

During the holidays GarageSale’s price is 50% off (on the Mac App Store and also for the regular download)! The offer is only valid until the end of world 2012, so don’t miss out.

November 8th, 2012:

GarageSale 6.5 improves image serving and adds Markdown

GarageSale 6.5, a new version of our eBay listing tool for OS X, is now available for you download from the iwascoding website. 1

What’s new in GarageSale 6.5

GarageSale 6.5 uploads larger images to eBay’s and iwascoding’s image servers and can combine eBay and iwascoding image serving in a single listing.
In GarageSale´s Editor mode, you can now compose your item description using Markdown syntax.

Combine eBay’s and iwascoding’s image hosting in a single listing

Many eBay buyers are now using mobile apps to purchase your items, but the image gallery found in eBay’s mobile apps only works with images hosted on eBay’s servers. If you were using iwascoding’s free image service, mobile buyer’s wouldn’t see your images, unless they tapped the ‘full description’ button.

In GarageSale 6.5 we not only increased the maximum sizes for images uploaded to eBay and our own servers, you can now combine eBay’s and our image serving in a single listing.

To do so, check the “Also upload images to eBay’s picture service, if free” checkbox in the Preferences section for iwascoding’s image serving. This will give buyers up to 12 images in the gallery of eBay’s mobile app. At the same time you can embed up to 20 images at a resolution of up to 1200×800 pixels in the item’s description, given your buyers an opportunity to see your items in detail. For these description images, you can change the positioning by choosing a different layout and add a text caption to each image.2

Also, if eBay offers its supersize image option for free on your site (it does on and other sites), GarageSale will now automatically activate that option for you.

Support for Markdown in Editor mode

Sometimes it’s just easier to quickly enter your item’s description as plain text. With the Markdown support in GarageSale 6.5, you can now quickly add headlines, ordered or bullet-point lists, and tables to your description.

See this page for a comprehensive list of available Markdown commands support in GarageSale.

More major changes

  • added high-resolution artwork for MacBook Pros with Retina display
  • improved barcode recognition in product search panel
  • if provided by eBay, shows additional information for certain errors, especially error 240
  • item specifics that allow for multiple values to be selected at the same time are supported now
  • Hawaii and other US-overseas areas can be excluded from shipping destinations
  • support for FTPS protocol when uploading images
  • added support for shipping rate tables
  • exclude locations in shipping panel are now grouped by continent

A comprehensive list of all changes in GarageSale 6.5 can be found here.

System Requirements

GarageSale requires OS X 10.6 or later.


GarageSale 6.5 is available at $39.99. It’s a free update for existing owners of GarageSale 6. Updates from earlier GarageSale versions are available from $16.99.

  1. If you purchased GarageSale from the Mac App Store, you can still download GarageSale 6.5 from our website and use it until version 6.5 becomes available in the Mac App Store, too. GarageSale is smart enough to recognize your App Store purchase, so t won’t ask you to purchase an additional license.
  2. If you want to make use of the new maximum image size of 1200×800, you might need to re-import your images into GarageSale, if you had the “Reduce image size on import” checkbox in GarageSale’s advanced preferences activated in earlier version.
June 18th, 2012:

Search eBay efficiently with GarageBuy 3

We just released GarageBuy 3 for iPhone and iPad, our free app for searching eBay efficiently, on the App Store.

GarageBuy lets you setup sophisticated searches on eBay and remembers what items you’ve already seen. Just like a newsreader app, GarageBuy keeps track of the number of new items for your searches. You can hide items you have previously seen and focus on new arrivals!

Your saved searches and viewed items are synched through iCloud, so when you are done reviewing items on the couch with your iPad, you can pick up where you left off with your iPhone on the way to the office.

GarageBuy lets you place bids and purchase “Buy It Now” items. You can authorize multiple eBay accounts and switch between them on the fly.

GarageBuy is a free download from the App Store and requires iOS 5 or later.

March 4th, 2012:

GarageSale 6.4 is here.

GarageSale 6.4 is out. You can download it right away from this page.

Here’s an overview of changed or added functionality:

  • GarageSale 6.4 adds a product code field, where you can enter the UPC, EAN, or ISBN code of your item – if it’s not contained in eBay’s product catalog.
    Search engines will recognize this product code on your listing’s page. Thus, when somebody searches for a particular product, your listing will appear at a higher position on the result page.
  • We have been offering free image hosting to GarageSale users for a few years now, but so far we’ve always excluded images using in ‘Good Till Canceled’ (GTC) listings from that service. This was because we deleted images on our server after 60 days to make room for new pictures – a strategy that didn’t work, if your GTC listing is available a lot longer than that.
    With the upcoming shutdown date for .Mac/mobileMe web hosting on June 30, 2012, which has been very popular among our users for hosting images used in GTC listings, we realized we need an easy-to-use replacement.
    Therefore GarageSale 6.4 adds a paid service for storing images for your GTC listings, starting at USD3.99/month.
    You can sign up for that service directly from within GarageSale’s preferences panel.
  • We improved the popular automatic re-listing feature, which starts new listings once you item has sold out on eBay. Now this feature is linked with GarageSale’s inventory management. If you have less inventory in stock than what you are offering for sale in your auction template, GarageSale will not start the auction.
  • GarageSale now offers an overseas surcharge field for sellers on, where they can specify an additional shipping charge if the item ships to Hawaii, Puerto Ricco, or other US-oversea areas.

The complete release notes are available on the GarageSale download page.

January 31st, 2012:

1,000,000 GarageSale Listings Promo Sale

Update (February 3, 2012): As the listing count dropped to 991,076 this morning, the promotional sale is officially closed now.

Original post:

We finally crossed the mark of more than 1,000,000 available eBay listings that were created with GarageSale. It took us more than seven years of constant improvements to reach this point, so we are more than pleased with this accomplishment.

To celebrate this achievement, we are offering GarageSale for Mac at 50% off for a limited time (*). That’s $19.99 instead of $39.99 for the single user license, and $32.99 instead of $65.99 for the family license.

*As always, there’s a twist. The discount offer is good until the number of GarageSale listings on eBay drops below 1,000,000 for the first time, or this week ends – whatever comes first.
At the time of this writing there are 1,001,1689 listings available. This number could go below one million any minute, so you better be quick. We update the listing count right on the GarageSale homepage every 20 minutes.

You can purchase GarageSale at the discounted price directly within the application or from the Mac App Store.