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GarageSale 7.0.9 supports eBay’s new Link Policy

eBay once again changed the rules governing what content is allowed in listings: Clickable image links and images that aren’t loaded via the secure HTTPS-protocol aren’t anymore.

But don’t worry, our latest GarageSale update has your perfectly covered: Image inserted into your listing description are no longer clickable links. Also, these images are now loaded via the HTTPS-protocol, if you are using our free image server.

If you have active listings that currently don’t meet eBay’s new requirements, please read our guide on how to revise those using GarageSale and make them adhere to the new rules.

Also, if you have non-compliant active listings that weren’t created with GarageSale, we have something for you: After you have imported your active listings from My eBay into GarageSale, the new ‘Repair Image Links’ command will search your listing descriptions and strip links from images embedded there. Furthermore, if those images are accessible via HTTPS, it will change your listings description accordingly. All that’s left for you is to issue a bulk-revise on the updated listings. With fewer than a dozen clicks you will be all set for eBay’s new rules.

If you have question concerning this release or GarageSale in general, please contact us via our user forum or through or support page.

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