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GarageSale Basic 1.1 is finally out

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

After several public beta versions the final release of GarageSale Basic 1.1 is now available for you to download.

Since most of you have been probably using one of the preceding beta versions, you already know what’s new: an improved auction preview, updated designs, and support for recently added eBay fields, such as return policy and handling time.

This is a free update for all existing users of GarageSale Basic.

GaragePay 1.5 is out!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Today we released a significantly improved version of GaragePay, our Mac OS X desktop client for the eBay’s PayPal service.

GaragePay 1.5 lets you send money without logging into the PayPal website. You can even refund received payments with just a few clicks – either fully or partially.

The new version displays your accounts balance in all available currencies and automatically computes income and fees for your smart groups.

GaragePay 1.5 is a free update for all owners of previous versions of GaragePay.

GaragePay 1.1 available for download

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

GaragePay 1.1 is now available for you to download.

Version 1.1 now downloads and displays name and price of PayPal shopping cart items.

GaragePay’s transaction download process is now performed in the background, so you can keep working with the application while importing new data from the PayPal mothership.

We also greatly improved GaragePay’s customizable CSV export so you can export your PayPal data in the format you need.