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GaragePay 1.5 is out!

Today we released a significantly improved version of GaragePay, our Mac OS X desktop client for the eBay’s PayPal service.

GaragePay 1.5 lets you send money without logging into the PayPal website. You can even refund received payments with just a few clicks – either fully or partially.

The new version displays your accounts balance in all available currencies and automatically computes income and fees for your smart groups.

GaragePay 1.5 is a free update for all owners of previous versions of GaragePay.

5 Responses to “GaragePay 1.5 is out!”

  1. Chris Says:

    GarageSale 1.5 is out???? You meant GaragePay 😉

  2. paul Says:

    Yes, of cause. Thank you!

  3. Berndt Says:

    And it is also apparently not the case that “GaragePay 1.5 is a free update for all owners of previous versions of GarageSale.”

  4. paul Says:

    Thanks again!

  5. Andrew Hill Says:

    PLEASE integrate this program with Endicia, the same way you did with Garage Sale, you will make my life SO MUCH EASIER! I WILL TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Please?