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GarageSale touch now available on the iPhone

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

When we checked our inbox this morning we were delighted to find an e-mail from Apple informing us that GarageSale touch is now available from the iTunes App Store.

GarageSale touch is not merely a mobile companion application to GarageSale on the desktop:
With GarageSale touch you can create and list complete eBay auctions directly from your iPhone or iPod touch without ever turning on your Mac.

The application allows users to use images taken with the iPhone’s built-in camera or use existing images from their library, add an item description, and specify required eBay settings, such as category, item attributes, return policy, and shipping terms – all from their iPhone.

GarageSale touch uploads up to 10 images per auction for free to our image hosting service (once you configured it to do so) and comes bundled with 10 popular auction designs from GarageSale on the desktop.

GarageSale touch supports 16 different eBay sites, including and, and lets you share prepared auctions with GarageSale on the Mac via Bonjour.

GarageSale touch is available from the Apple App Store for USD 4.99.

GarageSale: The Manual – Now available from a book store near you

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Good news for all who always wished to have a real hand-book without the need to sit in front of a computer screen to learn all about GarageSale.

Cortero Publishing, an imprint of Fireship Press, has created a printed manual based on the online GarageSale Wiki.

GarageSale: The Manual is also available on for $19.99.

All current GarageSale users can get a 25% rebate if they order directly from Fireship press.

GarageSale: The printed manual

220 pages
175 illustrations
Language: English
Publisher: Cortero Publishing
ISBN: 978-1934757918
Retail Price: $19.99
Discount Price: $14.99

Never miss an auction with GarageBuy 1.6

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

GarageBuy 1.6 is out and brings automatic iCal synchronization to your eBay watch list.

Once enabled in preferences, GarageBuy will create an iCal event for every item you add to your watch list. This event will show up on every mobile device you are synching your calendar to, thus giving you a notification when your watched auction is about to end – no matter where you are. For iPhone users with a MobileMe account these events will synch seamlessly over the air.

GarageBuy 1.6 also adds a set of interface elements to enable or disable the iCal settings for individual auctions. You can also associate a price threshold with every watch list item with the option to remove it once the threshold is reached.

We also gave the watch list icons a complete make over to reflect GarageBuy’s new options:

(This overview is also available from GarageBuy’s help menu.)

GarageSale 5.3 supports eBay’s new design and Twitter

Friday, May 29th, 2009

All of GarageSale’s 136 multi-layout auction designs now support eBay’s new ‘View Item’ page, which will be rolled out to most buyers in mid-June. Every single design was tweaked to ensure your items look perfect after eBay switches to the new design in all major web browsers.

We also updated GarageSale’s built-in editor to match eBay’s redesigned interface. You can see it in action in our updated GarageSale Basics Tutorial.

Also new is support for Twitter. GarageSale can now automatically update your Twitter status when you post items to eBay.

You can see what people are selling with GarageSale by searching Twitter for the #garagesale hashtag.

The new version automatically archives web pages of ended auctions. You can still view your items after eBay’s 60 day expiration period.

When revising running auctions, you can now choose which parts of your auctions to revise. This gives you you the chance to revise parts of your auction when eBay’s policy forbids updating the whole auction.

The complete release notes are available at the GarageSale wiki.

GarageSale 5.3 is a free update to all registered user of version 4 or 5. Updates from version 3 are available at USD 14.99 from Kagi.

GarageSale and Elgato’s EyeTV now bundled

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Get two category defining Mac products for the price of one:

A full license for GarageSale, our leading eBay client for the Mac, is now included with qualified EyeTV products from Elgato, maker of the world’s leading TV software for the Mac.

Why settle for less than the best? Act now and save with EyeTV and GarageSale!