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Better than ever: The new GarageSale 6

With GarageSale 6, we are bringing eBay selling on the Mac to a whole new level:

More Control

GarageSale’s new inspector window makes it easy to edit most aspects of multiple auction templates at once. Batch changing has never been easier.
The new design properties give sellers fine-grained control about the way an auction design displays their auction. It’s now possible to easily change the appearance of many elements (e.g. images, subtitles, thumbnails) on the auction page by clicking a single button.

More Features

By supporting eBay’s variation format, sellers can now offer different styles of the same product in a single listing.
GarageSale 6 also includes support for eBay’s new condition flag, which will become mandatory for many categories on July, 27th.

More Speed

GarageSale 6 uses Apple’s CoreData technology for data storage resulting in drastic performance gains, especially for huge auction libraries with more than 10,000 items. We also made GarageSale run in 64-bit mode, which makes it run even faster on supported Macs.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Please see the features page for a more detailed list of changes.

Pricing for GarageSale 6 starts at 39.99 USD/EUR. Existing users may upgrade to GarageSale 6 starting at 16.99 USD/EUR. See here for pricing and upgrade details.

8 Responses to “Better than ever: The new GarageSale 6”

  1. DanielJ Says:

    Ok software when it works, but it won’t upload auctions consistently for the past 24 hours.
    It takes five to ten tries to get the auction to upload. Multiple requests to support result in perfunctory emails saying in effect “we’ll get back to you.”

  2. ilja Says:

    Hi Daniel,

    eBay made technical changes, which caused some problems including the problem you are seeing. eBay hopes the problem is fixed by now. If not, please let me know.


  3. Neil Says:

    I’m annoyed: My garageband said there was an update to which I downloaded only to find it doesnt work as I have to pay to upgrade. As it overwrote my version 5 I dont have that or my original serial number … so now I have to pay all over again!!!

    How can I get my old software back … I dont want to pay again for features I wont use!!!!

  4. whitcrom Says:

    eBay has a huge server problem or Garagesale has a huge problem with this new version in uploading auctions. It is virtually impossible to load auctions. Very frustrating.
    Can you help?


  5. ilja Says:


    We are right now working with eBay to identify what’s causing this. If possible, please switch to our free image hosting (available for all items except 60-days and GTC items) in GarageSale’s preferences/Image server.


  6. ilja Says:

    Hi Neil,

    Sorry to hear about this. We added an extra warning message informing you that this is a paid upgrade.

    Anyway, please download GarageSale 5.5 from our downloads page which supports eBay’s new item condition and doesn’t require a new license.


  7. Federico Says:

    Dear GarageSale support,
    I’m writing to you because I have a problem with my garage sale. Every time I try to upload an auction to ebay the garage sale sends me a message that says that I cannot upload the auction because the username and password are wrong. So I went to the preference page and I did what garage sale told me to do but nothing happened. It continues to say that the username and password does not mach, but they are absolutely right and I don’t know what to do. Could you help me please? I really need my garage sale cause otherwise I cannot use it and I will lose money. Thank you in advance. Federico.

  8. ilja Says:


    The only username/password GarageSale uses are the ones for your private image server. I guess, your FTP server password changed. Just use our free image serving instead and you should be fine.