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October 2nd, 2017:

GarageSale 7.0.9 supports eBay’s new Link Policy

eBay once again changed the rules governing what content is allowed in listings: Clickable image links and images that aren’t loaded via the secure HTTPS-protocol aren’t anymore.

But don’t worry, our latest GarageSale update has your perfectly covered: Image inserted into your listing description are no longer clickable links. Also, these images are now loaded via the HTTPS-protocol, if you are using our free image server.

If you have active listings that currently don’t meet eBay’s new requirements, please read our guide on how to revise those using GarageSale and make them adhere to the new rules.

Also, if you have non-compliant active listings that weren’t created with GarageSale, we have something for you: After you have imported your active listings from My eBay into GarageSale, the new ‘Repair Image Links’ command will search your listing descriptions and strip links from images embedded there. Furthermore, if those images are accessible via HTTPS, it will change your listings description accordingly. All that’s left for you is to issue a bulk-revise on the updated listings. With fewer than a dozen clicks you will be all set for eBay’s new rules.

If you have question concerning this release or GarageSale in general, please contact us via our user forum or through or support page.

August 22nd, 2017:

GarageSale 7.0.8 plays nice with eBay’s Summer 2017 Listing Policy update

Today we are releasing GarageSale 7.0.8, an updated version of our eBay listing solution for the Mac. You can grab it from our download page.

Besides a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes (see here of a detailed list of changes), this update makes GarageSale compatible with eBay's upcoming listing policy updates.

Most importantly, pictures uploaded to GarageSale's free image hosting service are now embedded into your listing's description using the HTTPS protocol.

If you are using GarageSale to upload images to your own server, please make sure your server is able to deliver your images via the HTTPS protocol. You can find out more information about this in this thread on the GarageSale user forum.

If you have question concerning this release or GarageSale in general, please contact us via our user forum or through or support page.

February 27th, 2017:

GarageBuy 4 for iOS Released

We completely redesigned GarageBuy 4 for iOS, our free app for searching and bidding on eBay, to make finding the items you are looking for even more pleasant.


GarageBuy Touch is optimized for iPhone and iPad, and will synchronize your saved searches with GarageBuy for Mac.

Download GarageBuy now for free from the AppStore and head over to the GarageBuy page.

November 24th, 2016:

Only this weekend: Save 30% on GarageSale 7 licenses


This weekend (to be exact: through November 28th), you can save 30% off GarageSale 7 licenses*. Use coupon code 2016THIRTY to save.

That’s coupon code:


Just download GarageSale and select the “Buy License” command. And of course, you can share this coupon with your friends, and families. Everyone has something that’s better put on eBay than rotting away in some closet!

* This coupon isn’t valid on upgrades to GarageSale, as they’re already heavily discounted.

July 19th, 2016:

GarageSale 7 is out now!

After more then 10 years working on GarageSale for OS X (version 1.0 was released in November 2004), we realized that eBay, OS X aka macOS, and the expectations of our users had changed in so many ways, that GarageSale’s original architecture wouldn’t take us any further.

So we decided to start from scratch and build an entirely new GarageSale. Here are some of the most important changes:

GarageSale 7 offers a modern user interface, which helps you listing your items on eBay faster by providing instant error feedback while composing your listing. The new GarageSale Scout companion app for iOS lets you quickly take picture of your items without needing to go through Photos app or PhotoStream.

Previous GarageSale versions offered “listing templates” and “auctions” as primary objects. While this concept worked great for some users, other sellers were confused. GarageSale 7 only offers “listings” objects for tracking a listing on eBay. The main reasons for this change are explained here.

We built a custom database layer on top of Google’s LevelDB engine, that scales better for sellers with a large number of listings and orders, and also lets us update GarageSale faster than the technology we were using in older versions.

The result of all this work is GarageSale 7, which we are proudly releasing to the world today. You can download it from this link. As always, the unlicensed version is good for starting three listings on eBay.

What’s new GarageSale 7

  • completely modernized interface with instant error reporting
  • can import listing drafts from the GarageSale Scout app on iPhone
  • a new custom database engine, which deals better with large amounts of data and allows us to adapt to eBay changes more quickly
  • GarageSale 7 does away with the template/auction differentiation – it only offers listings, which can either be running or not
  • a new Orders sections which shows information about purchased items and buyers
  • Reports can generate diagrams in addition to text tables
  • automatic update of eBay category information as needed
  • listing designs are now optimized for mobile devices
  • local live validation of most eBay errors in new “Preflight” panel
  • listing images can be edited using image editing apps installed on your Mac and with image editing extensions
  • listing images can be copied and pasted between images
  • support for barcodes on the variation level
  • you can copy specific settings from one listing and paste them into other listings
  • added a preference setting ‘Load Flash’ to prevent Flash plugin crashes
  • inventory items can be exported and imported
  • you can now set the quantity of ‘Good ’til cancelled’ listings to zero to mark the item “out of stock” (you need to enable the ‘Out of Stock’ feature in your selling preferences on eBay’s website)
  • when selling cars on eBay Motors or eBay UK, there is now a dedicated field for the vehicle ID (VIN or VRM)
  • the ‘Import from My eBay’ command now downloads large images from existing eBay listings
  • can automatically generate SKU for your variations
  • added a “Reveal Original” command to the outline view context menu when a smart group item is selected. Using that command, you can easily jump to the original item of an item shown in the smart group, for instance to delete it or move it to a different folder
  • return policy, payment options, and tax settings can be specified in GarageSale’s XML import format
  • added support for specifying shipping insurance cost on eBay Italy and France
  • added 4 new internal designs and 4 new Pro Designs in the Design Store
  • when in Listing Editor mode, there’s now basic syntax highlighting and auto-completion for tags when in HTML or Markdown mode
  • much more


GarageSale 7 is a paid upgrade from any previous version of GarageSale. The upgrade costs USD/EUR 19.99. Upgrade licenses are available from within GarageSale 7.

If you purchased your GarageSale 6 license after August 1st 2015, you are eligible for a free upgrade to GarageSale 7. GarageSale 7 will offer you a free license once you start the purchase flow within the application.

GarageSale 7 license is available for USD/EUR 39.99 and can be obtained from within the application. More pricing details are available here.

GarageSale is localized in English, German, Italian, and French.

If you have comments, suggestions, or questions please post them to our user group (English preferred) or contact us in private (English or German).