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Version 8.3.6 for macOS 10.12 and up
New in Version 8
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New in GarageSale 8GarageSale 8 introduces many new major features, significant performance improvements and the new "Pro" subscription service. See below an overview over the most important changes. GarageSale 8 is ready for macOS Big Sur and runs natively on Macs with Apple Silicon chip.


If you work with GarageSale on several Macs you might find the new Synching feature helpful. Once enabled your GarageSale database will be synched between your Macs. The Synching feature requires a GarageSale Pro subscription.
Please visit the Synching chapter in the help for all details.

Drastic Performance Improvements

GarageSale's overall performance has been improved drastically. Searching, evaluating of smart groups, generation of reports and processing data from eBay is faster than ever. You'll feel the difference compared to previous versions.

GarageSale Pro

GarageSale Pro is a new subscription service, ideal for sellers with a high sales volume and everyone who wants to be able to sync their GarageSale data between different Macs.
  • Free major upgrades
  • Unlimited listing starts
  • Database Synching between Macs
  • Auto-Cancel option for GTC listings can be used
  • Use GarageSale's image service for GTC listings
  • GarageSale's image service supports up to 50 large images per listing

Dark Mode

GarageSale 8 adds support for the macOS Dark Mode appearance.

Customizable Listing Icon Colors

Listing icons in GarageSale's left outline view are now fully customizable. You can define a custom color for each listing state and in addition display colored title backgrounds to make different listing states even more distinguishable.

Packing Slips and Address Labels

Print generic shipping labels or packing slips that you can add to the shipment or use them to find the ordered items in your warehouse. You have a label printer? Simply print the buyer's address using the address label template (29mm).

Detachable Popover Windows

You can "detach" a popup from its original position and move it to a permanent location on your screen. Great for preventing it from auto-closing while switching to another app or for working on multiple listings at the same time.

Bulk Find and Replace

GarageSale 8 comes with a powerful search and replace function that works on the entire database or the current selection. Easily edit title, description and other fields of all your listings in one go. (You find this new feature in the Edit menu.)

Apply Current Changes from eBay

You made changes on your listing outside GarageSale? That's no longer a problem! Simply compare your local listing and listing on eBay and apply selected changes to your local listing in GarageSale.
(You find this new feature in the Listing menu.)

Reworked Design Templates

  • Mobile-friendly and fully responsive to different screen sizes (smartphone, tablet, computer)
  • Modernized graphics, improved for retina displays
  • Styles: Most of the designs now come with different styles to choose from (in Properties Inspector)
  • Image Zoom: Images are now zoomable in many layouts
  • New option to use the image name as the image 'alt' attribute (advanced option)

Support for Continuity Camera

On macOS 10.14 Mojave and higher GarageSale supports the "Continuity Camera" feature. Use your iPhone to take a picture of your product and it appears instantly as a new image in your GarageSale listing.

Create Invoices With GrandTotal

You can now create invoices by sending the data from your orders to the GrandTotal invoice application.

Parts Compatibility

When listing vehicle parts, you can now specify a list of compatible vehicles on eBay USA Motors, eBay Germany, eBay Australia and eBay UK. Make sure the category you selected supports parts compatibility.
Multiple found vehicles can be selected by holding the shift key, and added by double-clicking.

CSV Import & Export for Listings

GarageSale can import listings from files in arbitrary CSV formats. You can specify what column in your CSV file is mapped to what listing or inventory field in GarageSale.
Instead of importing new listings from CSV you can also instruct GarageSale to just update existing listings with the same SKU.
CSV-Export is supported as well.

Automatic Cancellation

When offering items at a fixed-price, you can tell GarageSale to cancel your listings a certain period before eBay automatically renews them. Please note, that this is an internal GarageSale feature, so GarageSale needs to be running periodically to perform the cancellation.
Once activated, an additional icon is shown in the outline view next to the listing. There are also new smart group rules that allow you to filter for listings having auto-cancel enabled.
The auto-cancel feature requires a GarageSale Pro subscription.

New "Global Status" smart group property

GarageSale 8.1 adds a new smart group rule called "Global Status", which simplifies selecting listings depending on their state, as each listing falls into one of three possible categories: Prepared, Running, Ended. Previously, you had to use the "Status" rule, which offered 7 different states, making smart group setup quite cumbersome in some cases.

New "Use Remaining Quantity" option

When revising or relisting there's a new "Use 'Quantity Left' as new Quantity" checkbox to specify the remaining quantity on eBay as the new quantity. In addition, the quantity that GarageSale will upload to eBay for each listing is displayed. Both protects you from accidentally offering a higher quantity than you have in stock.

Advanced settings for "Import from eBay"

Retrieving a complete list of running listings from eBay can take some time, especially if you have a lot of listings on your accounts. You can narrow down what listings to import by specifying filters for data, category and SKU, thus reducing the wait time significantly.
Also, you can now remove design HTML during "Import from My eBay": When importing listings from eBay that were started with GarageSale, the description used to include HTML elements, e.g. from a previously used design. To address this issue there's now a "Remove design from description" checkbox, which tries to strip GarageSale design HTML from the imported description.

More improvements

  • Added native support for Macs with Apple Silicon chip
  • Improved performance when selecting a huge number of listings and when loading search results
  • Added "Hide Results From Trash" option to search field menu
  • Added "Move Selected Items to" command to easily move selected items to a different group in the outline view
  • Added menu commands to cycle cursor focus between different parts of the main window
  • Added menu command (cmd-shift-F) to switch the keyboard focus to the search field
  • Added "Show Main window" menu command in case you accidentally closed it
  • Implemented a work-around for broken drag and drop from Apple's Photos application
  • On macOS 10.13 or later, a faster media panel is used for browsing images from Apple's Photos application
  • Improved selection behaviour, so items selected in the outline view get immediately selected in the overview (middle area of the window)
  • When adding new groups, name fields in outline view get selected for easy editing
  • Improved UI, refreshed icons
  • Improved startup performance, especially when a lot of listings where selected when GarageSale was last quit
  • Added the ability to export listings to CSV files

    Easily export selected listings to CSV through the "File" menu.

  • A listing's user properties are now accessible from message templates via the [[item.userProps.PROPERTYNAME]] syntax.

    This allows you to send messages to your buyers that are custom-tailored to the kind of items you are selling.

  • Text snippet macros are now supported in the Condition Details field

    Instead of typing the same condition descriptions again and again just create text snippets and insert them into the "Condition Details" field. To create new text snippets select "Show Text Snippets" from GarageSale's "Window" menu.

  • Bulk Find & Replace panel: Added an "Exact search" option for finding the exact search strings, including HTML tags

    This option bypasses GarageSale's search index and scans through the entire library, thus it's a little slower than the regular search. To open the Find & Replace panel select "Bulk Find and Replace" from GarageSale's "Edit" menu.

  • Category popover shows current category tree version in sprocket menu when option key is held down
  • Shipping options: Package weight can always be edited when "calculated shipping" is used for either domestic or international shipping
  • Added [[item.projectedEndDate]] macro command to include the anticipated end date in your listing's description

    This command anticipates your auto-cancel settings and might let your watchers know that you are planning to end a GTC listing early. Insert it in Editor mode.

  • Exported listing files can be dragged directly into the listing's outline view
  • "Private Comment" field is now searchable
  • Changes to amount fields in the Inspector are immediately reflected in other parts of interface
  • Shipping options popover doesn't forget current changes when being torn off
  • Car Parts: multiple found vehicles can be selected by holding the shift key and added to a listing by double-clicking
  • Car Parts: compatible vehicles can be deleted from a listing
  • Added a popup in listing overview area for quickly filtering items by state
  • The "Private Auction" option was re-added
  • Added options for international returns
  • Product settings can update listing title/category from chosen product from eBay's catalog product
  • Size of thumbnail images can be changed in image overview mode via a slider at the bottom
  • Moved SKU field to first tab of Listings inspector
  • Removed outdated buyer requirements no longer supported by the eBay API
  • When using no design, improved HTML code is used for displaying your images below the description
  • Error message for eBay error 240 shows additional error reason, if sent by eBay
  • Added Revise, Relist, and End commands to overview context menu
  • Now always correctly sends "Returns Not Accepted" flag to eBay when "Returns Accepted" checkbox is not selected.
  • When importing listings from XML files, paths to local files can be specified
  • The "Paste Listings Components" command lets you now paste images, too
  • Shipping service table column in shipping options panel is resizable
  • Shipping services can be hidden via the "Show/Hide" command from the bottom of the "Shipping Service" popup menus
  • The "Recently Used" menu in the category browser now gets updated properly
  • If only the barcode of a product is specified (but not a product from eBay's product catalogue), eBay should not add its catalog information to your listing, unless the "Included additional information" checkbox in the product setting is selected.
  • The category browser now shows the category ID of the selected category
  • Removing the secondary category with a Revise operation works now
  • When using the "Update listings with same SKU" option during CSV or XML import, all listings with a matching SKU are updated

    When importing listings from XML or CSV, you can now instruct GarageSale to just update existing listings from the data in the XML/CSV file, instead of importing them a second time.

  • The "Take Photo" from iPhone command in the Preview's context menu now works as expected

    Use your iPhone or iPad to take a picture of your product and it appears instantly as a new image in your GarageSale listing. (Requires macOS 10.14 or higher)

  • Improved performance when uploading images to GarageSale image server
  • Launch Control window:
    • Added option for using multiple connections at the same time (faster upload)
    • Added option to upload listings with a specified minimum interval
    • Added context menu option to only display listings with or without errors
    • The "Start" button in the Launch Control window can now be triggered by pressing the Return key
    • Improved "Show listings with/without issues" command in context menu
    • When revising a listing's quantity on eBay, a warning is displayed if the new quantity exceeds the current quantity left
  • Import from eBay panel:
    • Added filters to only show certain types of listings (auction/fixed price item)
    • Added column "SKU" and "End date"
    • Added a "Remove design from description" checkbox, which strips GarageSale design HTML from the imported description
    • Added Advanced settings: You can narrow down what listings to import by specifying filters for data, category and SKU, thus reducing the wait time significantly
    • Added a "Hide Ended Listings" option to the view settings (gear icon)
    • Fixed a bug, that caused missing listings in the import panel
  • Attributes panel:
    • Added commands to insert missing attributes to the Attribute panel
    • Added command to update attribute suggestion to the Attribute panel
  • Preview Mode:
    • Now shows name and fee of the first selected shipping service
    • The "Create Link" button in the format toolbar can be used to modify existing links
    • Title character count now already appears on mouse-over
    • Image re-ordering works again
  • Editor Mode:
    • Multiple images can be selected, dragged and reordered at once
    • cmd-delete keyboard shortcut works in image field in Editor mode
    • New "Code-Editor Preferences" available (context menu)
    • Size of image field can be changed
    • Multiple selected images can be rotated at once
    • Selecting multiple images while holding down the Shift key behaves more predictable
  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain order states, e.g. "Paid", from being uploaded to eBay
  • Fixed bug that could prevent a single order from appearing in a Report
  • Added support for eBay's new order id format

    eBay is in the process of changing the format of the identifier strings for incoming orders. GarageSale 8.1 adds support for the new format by contacting eBay using a newer version of their API. At some point in the future eBay will switch older versions of their API to the new order id format. Older versions of GarageSale using the old API don't know about the new format. Hence, these versions will show certain orders twice. To avoid this, please make sure to upgrade to GarageSale 8.1 in time.

  • Buyer phone number is now shown in inspector
  • Buyer name and address are now a single field for easy copying
  • Outline view: Instead of showing the buyer's name or listing title, you can now also choose to show the buyer's eBay account name (Preferences > Orders)
  • When exporting orders to a CSV file, commas are correctly escaped
  • If an order's shipping address contains a ReferenceID field, it is send to the Endicia postage software
  • Added an additional menu command for printing packing slips
  • You can now search for titles of sold listing and buyer emails in Orders mode
  • Added "Listings" and "SKU" columns to overview table in the Orders section
  • Added "Zoom to Fit when Opening" preference for the Image Editor

    When disabled, the Image Editor will open at the last used zoom level

  • Now offering multiple default footer layouts to choose from
  • Added option to specify the attributes panel's behaviour when item specifics are empty (insert suggested, insert required, insert no attributes)
  • Added setting to only perform local verification in Launch Control window (and prevent verification with eBay)
  • Added a "Select new listings after relist" option in the advanced eBay preferences
  • Maximum image size when using GarageSale's image hosting is now 1600x1200px
  • Increased image limit of GarageSale's image hosting from 20 to 50 images for GarageSale Pro
  • Added preference to show buyer's eBay account name in orders outline view
  • Added 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, and 1 week as additional durations for automatic order update in the Order preferences
  • You can set the update interval for the Auto-Cancel feature in the eBay > Advanced preferences.
    Accounts Window
  • Click on the "Reply" button in a received eBay message opens the outgoing message window in GarageSale
    Smart Groups
  • Improved performance of (smart) groups with a large number of listings
  • Smart groups containing certain rules for amount values (e.g. buy it now price = 64.99) now work correctly
  • If you hold down the option/alt key while opening the smart group editor, all values in the property popups are sorted alphabetically.
  • Added a sort order option for smart groups
  • Added "Days Remaining" smart group rule to the listing section
  • Changed the default smart group behaviour when searching in text fields to require the exact search string, no more double-quotes required to activate that special mode
  • Added "Global Status" rule
  • Added "Uses Variations" rule
    Apple Script
  • Access to eBay Order properties
  • Added AppleScript command (and example script) to remove images from listings
  • Can now upload tracking number via AppleScript
  • Improvements to AppleScript execution speed
System Requirements:
10.12 and up
US$ 14.99 (Monthly Subscription)
US$ 39.99 (Single User License)
US$ 65.99 (Family License)
eBay Account Requirements:
Due to eBay policies your account must be older than 90 days and have at least 10 feedback points as a seller.
Supported Marketplaces:
eBay (20 countries)
  • eBay USA
  • eBay Motors (USA)
  • eBay Germany
  • eBay UK
  • eBay Australia
  • eBay Italy
  • eBay France
  • eBay Austria
  • eBay Canada
  • eBay Switzerland
  • eBay Ireland
  • eBay Spain
  • eBay Netherlands
  • eBay Belgium (FR)
  • eBay Belgium (NL)
  • eBay Singapore
  • eBay Philippines
  • eBay India
  • eBay Hong Kong
  • eBay Poland
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