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GarageSale 9.6 improves listing cross-promotions and make smart groups even smarter

We just released GarageSale 9.6, which, among other things, improves cross-listing promotion capabilities and makes smart groups even smarter.

Cross Promotion: Insert Links to Other Listings

You can now add a “cross-promote” link to your item description that links to one of your other running GarageSale listings.
Just use the new “Insert Link to Listing” command from the action button at the bottom of Editor Mode. This opens a little panel that helps you selecting another listing and putting the link in your item description.

Trading Card Conditions

Smarter Smart Groups

Smart Groups can now be duplicated! This is helpful if, for example, you have created complex smart groups with many filter rules and want to create another smart group based on these rules. You find the “Duplicate Smart Group” command in the context menu when right-clicking on it.

Improved Product Integration

Also, we have added a new “Days Since Start” smart group rule for listings, a “Days Since Order Received” rule for orders and “Start Time”/”Order Date” as a sorting option for listing/order smart groups.

eBay Avatar Profile Images

Instead of showing a generic profile image next to your eBay account, GarageSale can now show your eBay avatar image if you have already added one on the eBay profile page.
(Click on “Update Account Details” in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts after you have edited your profile image on the eBay website.)

Tags in Overview Mode

Changed ZIP code field for calculated shipping

Starting in February 2024, eBay will use the ZIP code in the listing location field instead of the “Originating ZIP Code” in the package details settings in GaragSale’s shipping section for calculating shipping rates when using calculated shipping. Please make sure your location details contain the correct ZIP code.

Tags in Overview Mode

Updated Preview better matches the look of eBay’s latest changes

  • Package details and item location can be opened from within Preview
  • If a video has been added to a listing a “Video” icon is shown under the listing title
  • If variation feature is used max/min price is shown
  • Bigger images, thumbnails, and text

Updated Preview

More Improvements

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for image rotation commands in Editor mode
  • The “Apply current Changes from eBay” command can import missing images from eBay
  • Listing overview mode shows “eBay gallery image” instead of listing’s first image
  • Fixed some UI Dark Mode issues

For a complete list of changes and the download link, please check this page.

If you have questions about GarageSale, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, either through the GarageSale forum or by contacting us directly.

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