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Mac App Store Q & A

Most of our apps are now available on Apple’s App Store for Mac. This has raised a number of questions, which we are trying to answer here:

Q: I purchased different applications from iwascoding in the past? Why does the App Store show some as “Installed” and others not?
A: That’s Apple’s secret. We have no idea what logic Apple uses to decide whether an application is “Installed” or not. We are hoping that updated version of Apple’s App Store will fix this confusing behavior.

Q: Can I use the App Store to update iwascoding products I purchased directly from you?
A: Right now that’s not possible. Even though the App Store might recognize one of our apps as installed, it won’t let you update it unless it was purchased through the App Store.

Q: Will you continue to sell your apps outside of the App Store?
A: Yes. Apple does not allow some of the features we are offering in the applications we are selling off the App Store, e.g. GarageSale’s built-in store for additional auction designs will only be available in the non-App Store version purchased directly from us.

Q: Will you continue to release updates for your applications on your website and the built-in update mechanism?
A: Yes. Apple needs some days to review updates before they are released through the App Store. We know that the businesses of some of our customers depend on our applications. That’s why it’s crucial for us to releases important updates fixing serious bugs or adapting to last-minute eBay changes as soon as possible.

12 Responses to “Mac App Store Q & A”

  1. J Carter Says:

    Is the Garagesale software able to host pictures from Photobucket? I want to be able to copy and paste the photos in the description part when making an listing. You can do this with ebay’s turbo lister on the pc. I have Garagesale on trial and need to know that it can host Photobucket photo’s before I buy the software. The trial is showing the pictures as small ‘photo’ icons and not the photos themselves.

  2. ilja Says:

    Yes, that’s possible if your Photobucket account support FTP uploads.
    But why would you want to use Photobucket, when free image hosting for up to 20 images is right built into GarageSale?
    Please see this Manual Page
    manual page.

  3. J Carter Says:

    Thanks for the reply and info. My ebay listings are Good Till Cancelled and go on automatically after 30 days. I see the GS server only hosts the photos for 60 days. Which is great for one off auctions.
    If I can still copy and paste my photos from Photobucket like I do with ebays turbo lister then that is good enough for me to go and buy the software.

  4. ilja Says:

    There are two options for GTC listings:

    1. If you have the images already on Photobucket you can use the “Add URL Image” command in GarageSale to embed your images in your auction description.

    2. You can can configure GarageSale to upload your added images to Photobucket via FTP and will embed links to the uploaded images in your description automatically. I’m not sure all Photobucket service levels support FTP.

  5. HatNet Says:

    Hi purchased garagesale on mac app store can i use for company ?

  6. ilja Says:

    Sure. As long as you stay within the licensing terms of the app store.

  7. Alex Says:

    I just purchased garagesale through the mac app store, I noticed the garagesale store is not included, are there any other features not supported in the mac app store version of garagesale?

  8. ilja Says:

    Hi Alex,

    That’s the only feature that’s not included in the Mac App Store version. But don’t worry, we’ll have a fee cross grade option in place soon, that will allow you to exchange your app store version with regular version soon.


  9. Charles Says:

    You mentioned there will be a fee cross grade option.

    Will this allow users be able to transition the other direction, from regular version to the Mac App Store version?

  10. ilja Says:

    Sorry, the cross grade will only work one-way: mac app store -> download version.

    The other way would require us to add a transaction into Apple’s database. That’s not something Apple wants I guess.

  11. Matthew Friedman Says:

    What is the paid upgrade policy for the Mac App Store version? Is it cheaper/more expensive/same as the non-app store version?

  12. ilja Says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Sorry, we don’t have any plans on how to handle upgrades in the Mac App Store yet. That may change, once Apple introduces an official way to released paid upgrades. Also, we don’t have any plans for releasing a planned update at all soon.

    Hope this helps,