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New releases at eBay Live! 2008

Right in time for this year’s eBay Live! in Chicago we are coming up with three new releases to make your life as a Mac user on eBay even more convenient:

Out flagship product GarageSale has now arrived at version 5.

This release adds auction template sharing on your local network via Apple’s Bonjour technology. You can now share all your prepared auctions (or only the ones you want to share) with fellow GarageSale 5 users hooked up to the same WiFi or ethernet network. Importing a template from a different Mac is as easy as selecting another user’s shared library, locating the right template and pressing the ‘Import’ button.

Also new is a report generator, that lets you create, view, and print customized reports showing a summary of your eBay income and expenses (this includes PayPal fees as well) for a user-defined date range.

Last but certainly not least is GarageSale’s new integration with YouTube. Once you entered your YouTube username and password in GarageSale, it will display thumbnails of the videos you uploaded to your YouTube account. Simply select the video you want to include next time you start an auction.

GarageSale is a free update to all existing GarageSale 4 owners, which means that GarageSale 4 licenses will simply work – no action required. If you are still using GarageSale 3, you can purchase an upgrade to GarageSale 5 at the Kagi online store.

GarageSale Basic is a simplified version of GarageSale, that focuses on making selling on eBay even easier – while offering all the features a casual seller would need. It ships with the same auction designs as its big brother GarageSale and integrates seamless with our free image server.

Also new is GaragePay, a PayPal client for your Mac desktop. It downloads all your PayPal transaction data onto your Mac for fast and convenient access, lets you create ‘Smart Folders’ to organize your transactions, and displays the current balance for all your accounts.

If you are at eBay Live! 2008 in Chicago, we’d love to demonstrate these new apps to you. The iwascoding team is at booth #1061 near eBay’s ribbon printing station.

9 Responses to “New releases at eBay Live! 2008”

  1. Patricia013 Says:

    Well, this is just peachy and I’m sure they will be well received…BUT…I’m still waiting for all the BUYERS all this change is supposed to attract! So far, I see not a one and things are getting worse by the day. I sure hope Donahoe knows what he’s doing…but I sincerely doubt it! Where’s the beef?

  2. Peter Says:

    I enjoyed meeting you at eBay Live today. Great job and sorry I didn’t buy since I’m already a long-tim customer. Keep on putting out great software.

  3. Sandy Says:

    So glad about the well earned recognition, and still loving your software, but worried about the ebay changes. How will the new uniform design ebay is “introducing” affect Garage Sale and our use of your templates? Keep up the good work and have fun in Chicago!

  4. Matt Says:

    This is rude. GarageSale downloaded version 5 and overwrote the version I was using without asking for my permission. So I have to manually reinstall the old version. I remember a fuss when your guys pulled this stunt with version 4, but we were told that it was our fault for not reading carefully enough when the software asked if we wanted to upgrade. This time I was not asked at all.

    Now I have version 5 (in a folder called GarageSale3, no less). No other company crams paid upgrades on its customers like that. It should have asked, AND it should have saved the old version. But since the version I am licensed to use just uninstalled itself, I guess I may as well check out the competition.

    Stop treating your customers like dirt.

  5. admin Says:


    This happend because you are using GarageSale 3.x and have to ‘Automatic download updates’ box checked.

    Yes, the same happened when we released GarageSale 4. After receiving much criticism for this we changed GarageSale so the auto-update feature will ignore paid upgrades.

    Unfortunately we cannot go back in time and patch what ever version of GarageSale 3 you have on your hard drive. You will only get the new behaviour if you upgrade to at least GarageSale 4.

    If you don’t want to do that, please uncheck the ‘Automatic download updates’ check box.

    Hope this helps,

  6. spusyModo Says:

    Thanks !

  7. James Says:

    I am not feeling the YouTube module. The brag was that this software had integrated YouTube support. I cannot find it in the software or on the Wiki where you place your username and password. I am at a loss and a bit frustrated with the failure to make it easier to find.

  8. ilja Says:


    Please look at the bottom of the ‘Templates’. There is an item to import your YouTube videos.

    Hope this helps,

  9. win ebay auctions Says:

    thank you!! very helpful post!