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Listing CounterThis is the number of all currently running eBay listings, created with GarageSale. This makes it the most popular eBay tool for Mac!

eBay loves GarageBuy!

Honouring what we have achieved with GarageBuy in the past year, eBay has named us ‘Runner Up’ in the ‘Early Adaptor’ category of this year’s Star Developer Award. The announcement was made at the kick-off keynote at eBay’s anual developer conference. eBay’s developer blog has the transcript.

2 Responses to “eBay loves GarageBuy!”

  1. Georg Says:

    Congratulations! GarageBuy ROCKS!

  2. delyn simons Says:

    Congratulations to Ilja and the iwascoding team on your award, highlighting some of the best applications built on the eBay platform over the past year!

    It was great to see you in Chicago.