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GarageSale 3.4 Released

We just released GarageSale 3.4, a highly recommended update for all users already running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (but there is no reason to skip this update for Tiger users, either).

GarageSale 3.4 add support eBay’s new ‘Community Driven’ item specifics system, which lets you add your own attributes to your listing instead of having to stick with the ones eBay’s old system presented you (Manual Link).

We also added to ability to specify deposit settings per auction when selling cars on eBay Motors US. ( Manual Link).

This version also fixes a serious issue with Mac OS X Leopard and GarageSale’s scheduler.

For a complete list of changes, please see GarageSale’s version history.

Again, this update is free no matter where and when you got your GarageSale license. More information is available from the GarageSale website.

9 Responses to “GarageSale 3.4 Released”

  1. Michael Fierro Says:

    I am unable to unlock my program after installing the 50,0000 numbers I have on my copy email dated 5-31-07. Can you help me thanks Mike

  2. Kristian Says:

    Hi Michael,

    copy and paste the code and name should work.
    You don’t have to type each number.

    Kind regards, Kristian

  3. James Collymore Says:

    Dear Sirs:

    GarageSale 3.4.1 DOES NOT RUN under Mac OS 10.4.11!

    It trashes the eBay tokens in the KeyChain and cannot be fixed with KeyChain First Aid.
    It does not fully launch 3 times out of 4.
    It munges the Keychians so badly that upon opening up KeyChain Access, all fields/windows are empty. Trying to use Keychan first aid gets you an error message regarding something about the “securityid,” and it recommends that you re-install your entire system! (Which I did last night from 11:340 p.m. until 3:00 a.m.!)
    A re-boot is required EVERY TIME you try (and fail) to run version 3.4.1.
    It will not Fetch a token from eBay. You get a GS window stating that GS was unable to connect to the eBay serve at the point where it should be fetching the token!

    It took me hours to figure out a way to re-install version 3.1.2, regain and refresh the eBay tokens.

    Did you guys actually test GS 3.4.1 on a 10.4.11 system? Or did you create 3.4.1 for Leopard?

    GarageSale 3.4.1 is unacceptable for use on OS X 10.4.11. Your users should be notified.

    Please let me know if you will be able to make GS usable on OS X 10.4.11. I am running on a PowerMac (MDD) 1.25 GHz, with 2 GB RAM.

    Thank you for attention to this matter.

    James Collymore

  4. Ziggy Says:

    The 3.4.2 update applied through GarageSale screwed up my system for over 4 hours.

    Running an iMac C2D 24″ @2.33 GHz with 3GB RAM.

    GarageSale would start and repeated “Update Your KeyChain” for the new GaraeSale version about 2 dozen times. There were no accounts listed. Entered new accounts and retokenized. Got “Update Your KeyChain” repeatedly when trying to Get Auction Status.

    Backed up GARAGESALE folder in APPLICATION SUPPORT folder and GarageSale preference. Ran KeyChain First Aid, no problems found. Restored a backup KeyChain, checked permissions, threw out preferences, tried earlier versions of GarageSale, nothing helped. Process “securityd” would grab 1.6 GB of RAM and not let it go, had to do numerous restarts.

    In my KeyChain I had 2 tokens for each of my eBay accounts. Deleted these tokens and reloaded 3.4.2. GarageSale started, had to go through the initial set-up process, enter unlock code and retokenize. My old data was wiped out, but GarageSale was running fine. Quit and copied my backup GARAGESALE folder to the APPLICATION SUPPORT folder. I’m back to where I was 4 hours ago, thank (your favorite deity)!

  5. Jay Rigby Says:

    Released is spelt wrongly – Relased.

    Just spotted it

  6. Joan Lerch Says:

    How do I get Garage Sale – someone at iwascoding – to respond to four requests for license help? Have new iMac- can’t use Garage Sale.

  7. Maurice Milligan Says:

    I agree with the other posters – it’s not just a problem with 10.4.11 and above. I am having the same problems with 10.4.10.

    This version update is a shambles! Don’t install it unless you want to reproduce Windows virus infection symptoms on your Mac.

  8. Ken Chua Says:

    I just change my macbook. I would like to know how can I backup and restore the Garagesale data to my new macbook.


  9. Andres Herrera Says:

    I did not know i have to pay for updates, now my license wont work, how can i downgrade my version so i can use my original code? Thanks