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Compatibility Warning: GarageSale and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

We just identified a serious issue with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and GarageSale’s auction
scheduling feature. This issue affects all GarageSale versions prior to today’s GarageSale 3.4
beta 4 release.

When an event is due, GarageSale will post the event’s first auction multiple times to eBay.

Leopard users, who wish to use GarageSale’s auction scheduler, should download
GarageSale 3.4 beta 4 from this link.

8 Responses to “Compatibility Warning: GarageSale and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard”

  1. Carol Ross Says:

    this link that is supposed to upgrade for Leopard does NOT work as a dmg link… it downloads as a window movie file that cannot be opened. Please please help!

  2. ilja Says:


    The download link works perfectly here. Did you try to open the download disk image file with Apple’s Disk Utility and mount it manually?

  3. stephen Says:

    I can’t open Garagesale after install 3.4 beta 4 b . 🙁

  4. Sanford Says:

    Ilja, I put in a support ticket about this which you can now just ignore and close — look for it by e-mail address. US$530 in eBay listing fees for one small item, 100 listings, and I don’t know if it would have ever quit. Luckily I was there to disable the scheduler event. I just won’t use scheduled auctions, or pay eBay a whopping $.30 for their timed starts, until the fixed version is out of beta.

    GarageSale is still a great piece of software, but boy did I panic.

    You guys might want to contact eBay and worth with them on the customer service angle. Or just call and scream at the director of the customer service department. I know eBay works with makers of client software because the easier eBay is to use, the more people will use it, the more money eBay makes. They are issuing me a credit for all but one of the listings, the valid one, as I requested. The first time I tried to arrange this through the online chat help, after I explained the problem, the eBay chat customer service rep just quit answering me, even though I know he was still there. And when they finally approved the credit request through the e-mail help system, they wrote, “we are making a **one-time** exception…” (emphasis mine). Now come on, a “one-time exception” for an obvious crazy software error? If they refused the request all I’d have had to do is call my credit bank and tell them to bounce that charge right back to them, and based on the explanation of a software error with an expensive but incorrect result, my bank would have never, ever paid that charge. So eBay is being, well, I shouldn’t use words like that in a public… So let’s just say that although eBay is issuing credits, they are being less than reasonable about this in their customer service attitude.

  5. Sanford Says:

    Oh, you guys should take the attitude that in the world of computers and automation, these things happen. You guys are courteously addressing the problem. eBay is being a bit of a corporate jerk, so any negative fallout on GarageSale over this is the fault of eBay. It’s a two-second, service-with-a-smile job for a billing customer service rep to adjust the account for something so obviously crazy as one-of-a-kind items listed 100 times or more all in the same category, all separate listings.

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  7. Jay Says:

    Well, I guess I’m late to the party. GarageSale got me for 199 listings last night.

    Unfortunately, by default, it’s set to check for updates weekly so I had no idea new version was out.

    It was really fun canceling 198 listings one by one. An email from the devs sure would have been nice given the severity of this bug.

  8. Andy Says:

    I have just been hit by this bug – $400 in listing fees. I was on 3.3 and it was working fine so I saw no reason to upgrade. The author should have send out an email to warn everyone of this issue.