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GarageSale 3.1 introduces Free Auction Image Hosting

The first 2 years were just the beginning: We are proud to announce that GarageSale will not only make your eBay experience easier – with the new Version 3.1 it will also make auction listing a lot cheaper.

With GarageSale’s Free Auction Image Hosting service we will host up to 5 images for regular auctions free of charge on our servers.

But GarageSale wouldn’t be GarageSale if we’d stop here: The new ‘Layout’ feature gives you control over how images and descriptions are placed, offering 1155 unique designs for every single auction created with GarageSale!

Please drop by our MacWorld Booth #S340 to learn more about this new release and learn about our special discount for MacWorld attendees.

Make sure to check out the GarageSale homepage for a complete version history, screenshots, and of course the download link.

This update is free for all registered users, as all GarageSale updates since version 1.0 have been.

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