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Listing CounterThis is the number of all currently running eBay listings, created with GarageSale. This makes it the most popular eBay tool for Mac!

GarageSale 3.0 now available

Get ready for a major overhaul: GarageSale 3 is out.

Although we refined GarageSale’s look and re-designed almost all toolbar icons, GarageSale’s beauty is more than only skin deep: with decreased start up times, reduced memory usage when batch listing multiple items, and an much improved error reporting mechanism this update offers something for everyone. Make sure to check out the GarageSale homepage for a complete version history, screenshots, and of course the download link.

And while our programmers have been busy adding new features, our designers weren’t lazy either: check out the new listing design packs included with the 3.0 release:

This update is free for all registered users, as all GarageSale updates since version 1.0 have been.

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