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Play music from every Mac in your network and use any connected Mac as a speaker.

Music player

GarageTunes is a lightweight music player for single users and groups. It finds all music files (.mp3 and .m4a/AAC) currently on your hard disks (internal and external). Songs appear automatically in GarageTunes as you add them to your hard drive and disappear when removed.

All music

GarageTunes also lets you listen to music files on other Macs running GarageTunes in your local network.

Output anywhere

You can output your music files on any Mac running GarageTunes or AppleTV (2. Generation) in your network.


Since GarageTunes is library-less and based on spotlight there's no need to add songs to GarageTunes manually or to organize an additional music collection. All mp3 and AAC files on your Mac, on Macs in your network and connected hard drives will be shown automatically (not only your iTunes library).

Dynamic song updates

Songs are dynamically updated as Macs connect to your LAN or external hard drives connect to your Mac.