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Announcing the GarageSale Design Store

There’s one new feature on the road map for the upcoming GarageSale 5.4, that wasn’t public until we released the latest beta version:

GarageSale’s built-in Design Store

Initially the design store offers 50 new multi-layout designs starting at USD/EUR 1.99. These designs can be previewed and purchased directly from within GarageSale and are automatically downloaded and installed.

More information about our new design store can be found in the initial announcement on our user group or in our online manual.

If you have feedback on this new feature, please let us know. We’d also like to hear from designers who are creating eBay auction designs and like to see their designs in our store.

7 Responses to “Announcing the GarageSale Design Store”

  1. GarageSale 5.4 is out. | iwascoding Says:

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  2. greg Says:


    Just a quick question.
    How can I lunch/upload my existing Ebay listing into purchased GS design store?

    Many Thanks

  3. ilja Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Yes, here is how it works:

    1. Grab the latest beta of GarageSale 6.7 from this website, it smoothens the process a little.
    2. Make sure the auction you want to redesign is not already as an auction in GarageSale. If so, delete it and Empty the Trash.
    3. Choose “File” > “Import from My eBay” and create a Template from your running auction.
    4. Change the newly created template to a design you like.
    5. Open the inspector for the template, go to the Auctions tab there, select your running auction and hit revise.

    Hope this helps,

  4. greg Says:

    I have the latest 6.6.6 version installed at the moment and I found that step 5 from your instruction is not possible ( simply the there is no running auction to choose from the list so the revise button remains grey.
    I can download beta version 6.7 if that is the issue but then I have to overwrite this version over 6.6.6 in application folder. I am not sure how I can transfer my licence to the new beta version?

    Many Thanks

  5. ilja Says:

    Hi Greg,

    Version 6.7 should pick up your license automatically. If not, please contact our support at garagesale@iwascoding.com.


  6. Anthony Says:

    Hi, is there a way to pay with paypal?
    I want to download a Design from your Design Store but don’t have a Credit Card.

    Thanks, Anthony

  7. ilja Says:

    Sorry, right now we only accept credit cards for design purchases.