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Bug fixes in GarageSale 5.3.7

GarageSale 5.3.7 fixes an annoying bug that causes archived auction web pages to be displayed without their item description.

The new version is available from the GarageSale downloads page.

One Response to “Bug fixes in GarageSale 5.3.7”

  1. Jz Says:


    I’m just sending you a quick email to let you know that I would have bought and paid for, 4 licenses of your software, but because ‘support@macupdate.com’ did not respond to my two emails over 4 days asking about purchasing the 3 for 4 bundle, I didn’t go ahead and buy that bundle by the mupromo deadline.

    Perhaps you could find out why macupdate.com did not get back to me in that time, along with who knows how many other thousands of other potential customers on this Christmas promotional offer.

    If you require further proof, I am happy to forward my email correspondance with MacUpdate.com

    Kind regards