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Never miss an auction with GarageBuy 1.6

GarageBuy 1.6 is out and brings automatic iCal synchronization to your eBay watch list.

Once enabled in preferences, GarageBuy will create an iCal event for every item you add to your watch list. This event will show up on every mobile device you are synching your calendar to, thus giving you a notification when your watched auction is about to end – no matter where you are. For iPhone users with a MobileMe account these events will synch seamlessly over the air.

GarageBuy 1.6 also adds a set of interface elements to enable or disable the iCal settings for individual auctions. You can also associate a price threshold with every watch list item with the option to remove it once the threshold is reached.

We also gave the watch list icons a complete make over to reflect GarageBuy’s new options:

(This overview is also available from GarageBuy’s help menu.)

3 Responses to “Never miss an auction with GarageBuy 1.6”

  1. Doyle Oden Says:

    I am a former ISale user. I was always troubled by ISale’s clunky interface and SLLLLOOOOOWWW performance. I actually dreaded using it but it did make my auctions look better and a little easier to keep up with. Then one day a friend of mine turned me on to GarageSale. This software is absolutely a breath of fresh air. It loaded and updated the ebay categories in seconds and downloaded the latest templates in a flash. I was ready to go in less than a minute. I had to wait for ISALE to load and it took forever. GarageSale was ready to go before ISale even loaded. (I actually tested that one). Thanks guys for putting together a great piece of software. One of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I also liked your characatures in the bottom of the software install pane. Cool.

  2. Pants McCoy Says:

    Will GarageSale run on 10.6?

  3. ilja Says:

    Sure, GarageSale will run 10.6.