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Out Now: GarageSale Design Pack #26

We just released Auction Design Pack #26 featuring eight new designs. As always, all GarageSale auction designs contain several different layouts that let you change image alignment or hide certain design elements.

Easter Bunnies Theme

Black Gradient Theme

You can see all designs included with pack 26 at here. These new templates require GarageSale 4.0.6 and are already included in the current GarageSale download.

2 Responses to “Out Now: GarageSale Design Pack #26”

  1. DON Schott Says:

    when are you going to do more music themes, rock, jazz, blues, wilderness, ocean(different), sandy beaches(different), scuba, hang gliding, jumping out of air planes, roller coster, american south west, petroglyphs, CD collection (different)

  2. Christina Says:

    Yes, we need more designs with a background theme, instead of just a plain color. I sell alot of clothing so it would be great to have a few options for design when selling clothing.