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GarageSale 4 hits the streets!

GarageSale 4 is now shipping. We don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call this “The most extensive update in GarageSale history!“. Read on to find out why we think so:

Greatly improved interface
We invested a lot of effort in making sure the interface harmonizes perfectly with the world of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) – while still offering a familiar experience to long-time GarageSalers. The distinct modes for auctions and template have been unified into a single view where each item is accessible with a single click.

Preview editing
Now edit your auctions without ever leaving preview mode. This includes not only the title, description, and images – you can also specify categories and set item attributes there too. You never have to switch between the auction edit and preview modes again!

Our updated GarageSale tutorial movie should give you an idea of how editing in preview mode feels like.

If you’ve been using custom auction designs in GarageSale, you’ll be delighted to hear that your existing designs will get all theses features ‘for free’ – no code tweaking required. (And yes, you can still edit templates the traditional way if you prefer.)

Faster auction uploads
Since most new Macs ship with multiple CPUs, it only made sense for us to rewrite GarageSale’s auction upload engine from scratch to take advantage of this. GarageSale will now upload auctions and images concurrently.

Graphical auction scheduling
GarageSale’s built-in auction scheduler has grown up. Auctions can now be scheduled with drag-and-drop – just like you’re used to from your favorite calendar application.

Improved eBay messaging
With past versions of GarageSale you could send messages to buyers or view incoming messages via eBay’s messaging system. We’ve now taken this one step further: You can reply to incoming questions from within the application itself. And whether or not a question has been answered is synchronized over multiple copies of GarageSale, making this a killer feature for small businesses.

PayPal integration
GarageSale 4 can monitor multiple PayPal accounts for incoming payments. See your accounts history with a single click instead of waiting for PayPal’s web page to load.

Even more auction designs
As if the number of auction themes wasn’t already overwhelming, our design team has been busy adding 8 new ones for GarageSale 4. As usual, each encompasses multiple layouts – actually making it 20 different designs. You can see why we stopped counting the number of possible design variants a long time ago.

For more information please visit the GarageSale homepage.

As with previous versions you’re welcome to try before you buy GarageSale 4: Download GarageSale right now and post three auctions to eBay. If you like what you see you can purchase a license for USD/EUR 29.99. (If you already own a license for GarageSale you can upgrade for just USD/EUR 14.99.)

Will you be attending MacWorld 2008? We’d love to give you a first-hand demonstration of GarageSale’s amazing new features at our booth #2544. Be sure to ask us about the special show offer for MacWorld attendees.

74 Responses to “GarageSale 4 hits the streets!”

  1. ilja Says:

    Hi Fred,

    Where do you import your images from? You can select multiple images at once by holding down the shift key in the panel you use to import image files.

  2. David Says:

    I purchased GarageSale Version 4, and they were supposed to send me the unlock code but never did.

    Anyway, I actually like Version 3 more, (having tried the demo for Version 4) so I’d like my money back please.

  3. Tatiana Says:

    After using the application for one day and experiencing a ton of costly problems, I have to say that I am disappointed.
    1. My “templates’ would crash at the last minute without saving any information that I typed in.
    2. After “successfully” posting an auction to eBay, which looked perfect in GarageSale, I was shocked to get a message for 2 auctions asking me to include some details. NOTHING but the titles posted in eBay. This caused me to suspend 2 auctions, costing me $22.
    3. In the morning hoping to check my auctions, I find that I cannot open the application at all. Re-installing it is not solving my problem. It just freezes at start-up and nothing happens.
    I hope these problems can be resolved somehow very soon as I bought it reading the more favorable reviews over iSale. Thanks.

  4. John Detwiler Says:

    Wow. Seems like the GarageSale team is in a bit of hot water. I’ve been using their program for about 2-3 years and it’s been fantastic. Met them at MacWorld a couple times, and they’re genuine, friendly people. I trust that these issues will be resolved–but I’m wondering (since I’ve had no problems myself and I just started using GS 4)–could some of these issues be hard drive problems and not software based? When I start having weird issues, I always give the drives a tuneup and if they seem sketchy, I replace them. Just a thought.

    Best of luck to everyone. I’m very interested in any issues with GarageSale because I’ve come to depend on it as a PowerSeller.

  5. Christina Bos Says:

    Hi I also tried the demo thinking it was just another update and was shocked when I was told “demo up & purchase”. I can’t get the old version back. I just purchased it in Oct. I have tried to get a new license but it was never emailed as it said it would. I have emailed support 2 times with NO response. HORRIBLE customer service. I have really enjoyed Garage Sale and have even recommended it to friends that have also purchased it. I am VERY disappointed. I really count on this and have 30 auctions ready to be listed that are just sitting there. Does anyone know how to reach these people???? HELP?!?!

  6. Angelo Says:

    Nice upgrade to the version 3.x, but the upgrade-price is a ‘little’ too steep.

  7. ilja Says:

    Christina Bos:

    You can download GarageSale 3.4.2. from the Older Versions section from the GarageSale website.

    I searched our support system and found two inquires from you, aged 8 and 4 days. Both have been answered by our support staff within a few hours. Please check your spam filters for the responses.

  8. Christina Bos Says:

    Hi, Thanks for the response. I did check my spam and there is nothing there. I have requested an upgrade on my license. It said it was already upgraded, but garage sale was still telling me to buy the new version. I would love to download from the older versions. Where on the website is it??

  9. Christina Bos Says:

    I left an alternate email address. I am eligible for the free update. It seems like all my issues can be resolved if I can just get my license updated. It seemed like I was able to get the “old” version back, but I listed 3 auctions and again was told demo was expired and purchase.

  10. Mike Says:

    Having paid for Garagesale and having been pleased with how it worked and having used it on those occasions when I needed to sell some bits and pieces, I started up GarageSale the other day to list a few more things to be told an update was available. I downloaded this in good faith, but now find that I have upgraded to version 4 and must pay for this. The previous version did everything I needed it to, and there was no warning in the ‘update available’ dialogue that I was not entitled to do this for free. I have tried to reinstall version 3, but am told that my database is from a later version.

    Had I been told that the update needed to be paid for I could have made a decision whether or not to pay for it. As it was, it was presented as an update with no warning that downloading it would mean that I couldn’t continue to use the previous version.

    Frankly I feel robbed – even Microsoft doesn’t break its software if you don’t upgrade. You’re a thief, my friend. Good luck in robbing other innocent users of your software. I’ll be going elsewhere.

  11. ilja Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I’m sorry to hear that you had a frustrating experience with our software. You probably overlooked the fact that GarageSale 4 is a paid upgrade. We state this in bold letters in the window notifying you about the update.

    If you want to keep using version 3.4.3 instead, you can download it from the ‘Older versions’ section of the GarageSale website at http://www.iwascoding.com/GarageSale. It has the same database format as version 4, so you don’t loose anything by downgrading.

    Hope this gets you going again,

  12. jimsotonna Says:


    jimsotonna dropped by…

  13. Jo Says:

    I need to say, the support at iwascoding is excellent. I have used them 3 times so far with quick responses. I have been using Garagesale since it first launched. Version 4 is ok but I hate the floating inspector. It pops right over my work so it needs to be moved. You have many templates but very little if no green. I would love to see some pretty sage greens and something for jewelry and kitchenware. I swear you guys cant see green and have no gals designing those templates. : )

  14. Phil Bridges Says:

    A useful upgrade and well worth the modest upgrade fee. My only criticisms are that the upgrade process doesn’t mention you’ll need to pay a small fee to use the new features as some posters here have already mentioned.. and the drop-zone isn’t mentioned in the help notes? Although people DO get a choice as whether to upgrade it would be good it might be better to take people to a web page that explained the new features and then have a ‘click here to agree to upgrade’ button and mention how to downgrade again.

    Perhaps a little petty but as we’ve seen from some of the postings above people sometimes don’t bother to read instructions and just ‘shoot from the hip’ in comment areas such as this one .

    Anyway, thanks for such a brilliant piece of software, I don’t use eBay all that often but my guess is it’s made me an extra £500 on my listings so far and I can’t even begin to think how much time it’s saved me!

  15. Philip Says:


    I just downloaded the new version and I only have two complaints….

    The first is I cannot seem to figure out how to schedule items as easy as the old version.

    The second is GarageSale is trying to make me repurchase the software that I already purchased…Is this because of the new update?

    Other than that, great product.


  16. steve Says:

    I have to agree with many of the comments above good and bad:
    1. To suggest that it is clear to the user that this is a paid upgrade is simply not true, it is not clear. I like many other updated before becoming aware that the upgrade was not free.
    2. What was the rush in releasing this upgrade, is it ready? Not only does it feel less intuitive than the previous release, in the last 2 hours I have had the spinning ball twice, simply creating a new auction, forcing me to quit the program. However…
    3. The contact support has been very good.

  17. Ben Says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you can integrate watermarking auction images into garagesale. In my opinion its good to use against image thiefs plus the people looking at your ebay auction recognize that its your own photo.

  18. Joseph Says:

    Hi Mathias, Ilja

    I just upgarade and spent the $15. No problem. However it was not clear to me that I needed to pay.

    Your support and help has always been excellent with version 3 I don’t see why that won’t be the same.

    Is this Version fully compatable with Mac OS 10.4.10?

    is there a place that explains the work arounds for the bugs all in one place untill you have everything ironed out ?

    Groovey Records

  19. bridget Says:

    this same thing happened to me yesterday:
    I just bought garagesale online.
    When I try to install it I get the question: “Please enter your user name and code below”
    I do just that (my name plus the registration code that came with my instructions packet) and I get the following INSULTING reply:

    then nothing.

    what GIVES ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????”

    i emailed customer support, i’ve gotten nothing back, not even a confirmation of my email. i’m feeling ripped off and annoyed cause i couldnt start my auctions last night as planned.
    can someone give me a code thats functional??

  20. admin Says:

    Hi Bridget,

    I cannot find your support request. Where did you send it to? Did you use the support form in the contact area of our website?

    Also, you are most likely trying to register a version 3 of GarageSale with a serial number for version 4 or 5. Make sure you are using the latest version from our website.


  21. Verity Says:

    I was disappointed to find this was a paid update. I had been led to believe that when I bought my license it was a license for life. Given how very buggy 5 is and the reviews I’ve been reading I am not inclined to pay for the upgrade.

  22. Kris Merkel Says:

    Thanks for the great piece of software. I have been using Garage sale for the last 3 years and I love it. the last time I opened the program, to list items on ebay, it prompted me to upgrade. And of course, i did, just like every other upgrade that has come along. However this time my upgrade threw me into demo mode and my license key will not unlock the software because it is for a previous version. There was no indication in the upgrade dialog box that I would have to pay for the upgrade and in the past they have all been free.

    I am a casual seller and have no intention or need to pay for a new version when the old version works just fine, so I would like to revert to the previous version however I cannot find the means to do so. Please help in to revert to previous version.

    thanks in advance.

  23. rae Says:

    Can anyone tell me why the new ver. freezes its driving me nuts. It also quits time to time.

  24. anita Says:

    i sell on ebay and used in the past inkfrog and the seller sourcebook. i don’t consider myself ignorant but i only realized today, after years of seller, that inkfrog (i used them since 2003) and now the seller sourcebook compressed files that are uploaded to their sites – the pictures for auctions.

    if i use the drag and drop – java uploaded – the files are compressed but they upload very fast. if i use the classic uploader, it is slow as molasses, i am limited to the amount of images i can upload at one time but it does not compress.

    i want to now try garage sale. can you tell me what i need to know about images — i.e. are there uploading limits, are they compressed, do i have to preserve the quality of the images i take by “saving them to the web” in photoshop??

    i want simply, fast drag and drop features on non-compressed images.

    does garage sale have this?? what is the file storage limits?? thanks