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GarageSale 3.1.3 with Design Pack 20 released

GarageSale 3.1.3 is out. You can grab it from the GarageSale page. Among other things, it improves handling of the warning messages issued by eBay about the upcoming USPS rate change.

It also includes 4 new multi-layout designs, each of them allowing you two choose between two different background colors. You can preview the new designs here. By popular request, we also updated the Spotlight design to support up to 50 images with each layout.

Here is a preview of two of the new designs:

3 Responses to “GarageSale 3.1.3 with Design Pack 20 released”

  1. Jeff Castaldo Says:

    Please tell me the best way to get help with Garage Sale.

    Thank you.

  2. ilja Says:

    Please use our contact form on this page: http://www.iwascoding.com/contact/.

  3. John Kut Says:

    I need to know if garage sale will elete items 60 or 90 days AFTER THE ITEM POSTED FOR AUCTION or AFTER UPLOADED INTO IMAC or AFTER THE ITEM IS SOLD ON EBAY. . I thank you in advance. I have tried to contact you here before but i received no reply. I am John Kut and my address is Johnkut@mac.com With respect, John