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Get 10 auction images for free with GarageSale 3.1.2!

If you haven’t used GarageSale’s Free Image Hosting Service because 5 images just weren’t enough for you, here are some good news for you: You can now add up to 10 auction images for free with the just released GarageSale 3.1.2.

Make sure to check out the GarageSale homepage for a complete version history, screenshots, and of course the download link.

This update is free for all registered users, as all GarageSale updates since version 1.0 have been.

2 Responses to “Get 10 auction images for free with GarageSale 3.1.2!”

  1. sean goulden Says:

    I purchased GarageSale, and had to reformat my hard drive and upon the reinstall, it asks for my serial number.

  2. ilja Says:

    You can retrieve lost license codes at this page:http://www.iwascoding.com/contact/.