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Auction Design Pack 18 now available!

We proudly announce the immediate availability of Auction Design Pack 18 with four new auction designs: Blazing Orange, Clapboard, Placard (Blue), and Proper. Each of these new design offers you about 10 different ways to layout your auction images and description.

All four designs can be previewed here.
To download the new designs, open GarageSale, choose ‘Show Design Template Manager’ from the ‘Window’ menu and click ‘Download all new Designs’.

5 Responses to “Auction Design Pack 18 now available!”

  1. Mauricio Says:

    awesome!~ congratulations!

  2. patrick rousseau Says:

    Hi , today i download the new pack , and now , its finish garage sale doens’t work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What happend , i’ve many auction on ebay , and its not possible for me ,to relisting aucyion , 35 design disappeared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    before i used isale, i have thinks that garage sale was better, I start to have doubts . Do you think find a solution very quiclky , now its big problem for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    thanks for your answers .
    Best regards .

  3. ilja Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    were the designs that disappeared custom or factory designs? GarageSale downloads updated designs to your home directory under ~Library/Application Support/DesignTemplates. You should be able to restore the original state by moving that folder to a different location.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Darcy Says:

    GarageSale prompted me to update. I did, got an error message from Design Lister update. Now I can’t preview, app is sluggish. Killed prefs. Still have same behavior.

    I’m going to try a full reinstall, but then it will likely kill my history and templates.

    Really think this is avoidable. Should’ve rolled-back to previously installed version on its own.

  5. Patrick rousseau Says:

    Hi , Ilja the design custom desappeared , i don ‘ t know where are they ? i find a folder design templates in library/caches/com.iwascoding.garagesale/design templates .maybe its this one ?
    Thanks for your answer.
    All the best.