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Design Template Utility for GarageSale Released

For those users who found creating design templates in the new format introduced with GarageSale 1.9 a little bit too cumbersome, there is now the Design Template Utility. Download the utility from this here.
To create new design templates all you need to do is to paste in your template’s html code, fill in some fields and click some boxes. The utility will create the
necessary files and folders for you.

5 Responses to “Design Template Utility for GarageSale Released”

  1. Richard Says:

    Great app!! Keep it up!

  2. Dina Says:

    The downloading link is not working 🙁

  3. ilja Says:

    Hi Dina,

    The design utility is now included with the regular GarageSale download. Check the folder called Goodies on the Disk Image.

  4. Nigel Hughes Says:

    Hi there,

    What about the people who have downloaded the app through the new app store? How can they create their own templates? As I cannot find a design template utility with this version.


  5. ilja Says:

    Hi Nigel,

    Just download GarageSale from our website. The design template utility is included with download in the Goodies folder. It works with the AppStore version of GarageSale as well.