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GarageSale Holiday Sale

Merry Christmas from everyone at iwascoding!

During the holidays GarageSale’s price is 50% off (on the Mac App Store and also for the regular download)! The offer is only valid until the end of world 2012, so don’t miss out.

6 Responses to “GarageSale Holiday Sale”

  1. informat Says:

    hello dear iwascoding team:
    thx so much for offering garage sale.

    1 question: where can i see die 19,90 euro prize? only when i put it in the basket?
    i like to have it as an directdownload. <– here is the offer prize.

    thx a lot

  2. ilja Says:


    Once you choose “Buy License” from within GarageSale, you’ll see the discounted price.


  3. Lame Says:

    I’ve been checking for a sale, ever since the 1,000,000 listings ordeal. Well, I missed it again. This makes me so incredibly agitated, you have no idea !!!

  4. ilja Says:

    Sorry to hear. Maybe you should subscribe to either the RSS Feed of this blog or follow us on Twitter (@iwascoding) so you don’t miss the next sale.

  5. Larissa Says:

    Please have another sale!!! I used up my 3 trial listings and I so badly want to buy the full Garagesale (not basic) =(

  6. ilja Says:

    Hi Larrisa,

    Make sure you follow us on Twitter to get notified about the next sale.