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Version 1.9.3What's New
New in Version 1.9.3(2024-04-10):
  • improved overall stability
  • fixed smaller issues and bugs
for 10.12 and up

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I install GaragePay correctly?Just drag and drop the GaragePay icon to your applications folder (or wherever you want) to install the application on your hard drive. Don't start GaragePay directly from the installation disk image!
  2. How do I get my "Paypal API Signature Credentials"?1. Log into your Business PayPal account on the PayPal website.
    2. Click on Profile (top right) > Account Settings > My Selling Tools (left hand table)
    3. Click 'Update' next to API access.
    4. Click option 2 'View API Signature'.
    5. Copy and paste the API Username, the API Password and the Signature values from your PayPal account in the appropriate fields in GaragePay's Accounts preference pane.
    6. If done, close the GaragePay preferences pane.

    For more info about the PayPal API Signature please visit the PayPal Help.
  3. How many PayPal accounts can I use with GaragePay?Use as many accounts as you like at the same time.
  4. How do I export my data to a CSV file?Just select "Export CSV..." from the "File" menu in GaragePay. All information shown in GaragePay's main window will be exported. Use smart folders and the filter field to export exactly what you need.
  5. What about safety measures?There are three safety measures in GaragePay:
    1. Your PayPal password is not saved (or even touched) by GaragePay in any way. Access is via the so-called API credentials which can be deactivated on the PayPal site any time. Those credentials are stored in the Mac OS X keychain.
    2. If you wish to use it, GaragePay can save your database into an encrypted disk image. This is as secure as the File Vault version 1 (pre-Lion), which uses those exact disk images. Lion's full disk encryption is recommended though.
    3. All of GaragePay's interaction is directly with PayPal over SSL. Nothing is funneled through any other servers/systems other than those on the direct route.

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System Requirements:
10.12 and up
US$ 9.99 (Single User License)
PayPal Account Requirements:
GaragePay requires a PayPal Business account