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Installation & Setup:

How do I get an upgrade license for GS 6?

To upgrade a license from a previous version, please open GarageSale 6 and choose 'Buy License...' from the 'GarageSale' menu.
Please see the Pricing page for all details.

How do I get my free upgrade license for GS 6?

GarageSale 5 users, who purchased their license or upgraded their previous license to GarageSale 5 after April 1st, 2010 are eligible for a free upgrade to GarageSale 6.
To retrieve your free upgrade license, please open GarageSale 6 and choose 'Buy License...' from the 'GarageSale' menu.
Please see the Pricing page for all details.

How do I install GarageSale correctly?

Just drag and drop the GarageSale icon to your applications folder (or wherever you want) to install the application on your hard drive. Don't start GarageSale directly from the installation disk image!
GarageSale Video Tutorial: Installation ›››
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Why do I have to fetch a token at the eBay site?

GarageSale is a certified eBay client. The only way for certified clients to add listings for your eBay account is via an access token. On the page you are granting GarageSale this eBay token.

Do I have to give you access to my eBay account?

You don't give us access to your account at all! eBays authorization page is a little bit misleading on that. When you agree to the eBay page, you give GarageSale access to your eBay account in form of an access token. This access token is securely stored in your Keychain and not shared with anybody, including us. You control what applications can access your Keychain!

What information will GarageSale share with you?

GarageSale will not share any kind of information about your eBay auctions or eBay activities with us. eBays sign-in page is designed also for web based eBay tools, where your token would be transmitted to the tool provider. Using that token a tool provider could manage your account for you and access your eBay information. GarageSale does not share your token with us, so none of your eBay information is shared.
See the Privacy Policy for more info.
Usage & Settings:

How do I list cars or car parts on eBay Motors?

The eBay Motors site is a different site, like for instance eBay Germany and eBay UK. To list cars or car parts on eBay Motors you have to set the eBay site for your auction template to "eBay Motors" in the Advanced settings of your templates.

Does GarageSale support eBay Stores?

Yes, of course!
Please visit this section of the Online Manual for more info.

How do I add "free shipping"?

Just enter "0.0" into the shipping costs field. eBay converts this to "free shipping".

How do I schedule auctions?

To create a new event just select all your templates you want to schedule (or select a folder with templates) and click on "New Event" in the toolbar. You'll then find your new Event under "EVENTS" in the list on the left. Open the Inspector window to make your settings and don't forget to activate the event. It's also a good idea to verify the auction template(s).
GarageSale Video Tutorial: Scheduling Auctions ›››
Online Manual ›››

How do I revise/relist an auction?

Just select the corresponding auction template and click on "Revise" (or "Relist") in the Inspector window Auctions tab. To bulk revise auctions select "revise running auctions" from the Template menu.
GarageSale Video Tutorial: Revising Auctions ›››
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What do all these colors and signs on the template icons stand for?

Different colors and signs symbolize the state of your auctions and auction templates. Have a look at the GarageSale Legend for details.

How do I enable the "Gallery Plus" enhancement?

• Make sure EPS is selected in the GarageSale preferences>Image Server.
• Mark one of your images as a gallery image.
• Now you can activate "Gallery Plus" in the Enhancement field in the Inspector>Options.

Does GarageSale support multiple eBay accounts?

Yes! GarageSale supports multiple accounts. You can add as many accounts as you want!
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May I use GarageSale on different eBay sites?

Heck, yeah. In the Inspector window>Advanced, you can use the pulldown menu next to "eBay Site", in order to select where you would like your listing to run.
Error Messages:

I get this error '240' when I try to start an auction. What now?

This error is returned by eBay. You're probably using any word or code that eBay does not allow or there might an issue with your seller account.
Try to list one of your items on the eBay website directly. Most likely you need to accept some new eBay terms or update an expired credit card.
Please find more help on the error 240 help page! ›››

I get an error '932 - Authorization token is hard expired'. What now?

eBay tokens expire automatically after a period of time. To refresh your token, select your account in the GarageSale preferences>Accounts and click on "refresh token".
Online Manual ›››

I get an error '21916884: condition is required for this category'.

Since July, 27th eBay has made its new condition flag mandatory on some categories. This new condition flag replaces the condition value that was previously part of the item's custom specifics or attributes.
Please update to GarageSale 5.5 or upgrade to GarageSale 6 and use the new 'Condition' drop down menu in the Inspector:

More info about the new Item Conditions.
Online Manual ›››

I get an error concerning missing "handling time/dispatch time". What now?

Due to new eBay policies you have to specify a handling time. In GarageSale you can do this in the Inspector>Options. To bulk edit multiple auction templates at once, select the templates in the list on the left and choose the "Change dispatch time" script from the Script menu.
Online Manual ›››

I get an error concerning my categories or item specifics. What now?

You've to update the category data. To do so open the GarageSale preferences and update the categories in the Categories tab. (Make sure the correct eBay site is selected in the GarageSale preferences>General.) Back in Template mode check your attribute sets/categories of your template in question.
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I get this error '219 - no seller account' when I try to start an auction. What now?

Check your account settings on eBay's website. You need to be registered as a seller. If you're using a recently created ebay account, make sure you list your first item through ebay's website directly. This a restriction by eBay. The following auctions you then can upload through GarageSale.

I get this error "Cannot open host: user name or password was not accepted for login".

Check your FTP settings in the GarageSale preferences>ImageServer and also try it with "use multiple connections" disabled.

When starting an auction I get an unhelpful error message from eBay. What now?

If you don't get a helpful error message from eBay, try to list the exact same auction on the eBay webpage. Sometimes this result in a more informative message than the one eBay provides third party applications like GarageSale with.

Is GarageSale's free image service really free?

Absolutely free! You can upload up to 20 images per auction with this service for free.
Online Manual ›››

Will GarageSale scale down my photos to the right size automatically?

Yes. GarageSale automatically resizes your photos to the maximum size supported by eBay, if you are using eBay's Picture Service for image storage. If you are using GarageSale's free image service, FTP or WebDAV you can specify the image size in GarageSale's preferences window.

Why is GarageSale 6 a paid upgrade?

We invested a lot of time, work and effort and greatly improved GarageSale 6. Please get an overview over all new features and improvements on the What's new or Features page.

Where can I download older versions?

Visit the Downloads section to download older versions of GarageSale.

The Widget does not work properly?

Please check the following:
• Install the latest widget (Select "Install Widget" from the "GarageSale" menu)
• Make sure "Tracking" is enabled in the GarageSale preferences
• Hold down the alt key and select "Re-download auction states" from the Auction menu.
• Allow "GarageSaleHelper" keychain access when prompted
• Sometimes restarting the Mac does the trick as well.

How do I customize GarageSale's toolbar?

Just right-click (or CTRL-click) on the toolbar and select "Customize Toolbar..." to add helpful icons like the "Listing Fees" icon or the "Verify Template" icon.

How do I move my GarageSale data to a different Mac?

GarageSale keeps your data in your home directory under "Macintosh HD/Users/yourUserName/Library/Application Support"* in a directory called "GarageSale". To make your templates and auctions available on a new Mac, this folder must be copied to the corresponding location on the new Mac. Make sure GarageSale is not running on your old or your new Mac while copying this folder to its new location.
*Under OS X the user Library is hidden by default. Click the Finder's "Go" menu and press the option key to make the user's Library show up in the menu. Selecting it will open it in the Finder.

Please note: If you have GarageSale from the Mac App Store installed, you'll find the GarageSale database here:
"Macintosh HD/Users/yourUserName/Library/Containers/". The database file is called "com.iwascoding.garagesale".
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