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Upgrades from previous versions:
Owners of older GarageSale licenses can purchase upgrade licenses for GarageSale 6.
If you bought your license for GarageSale 5 after April, 1st 2010, the upgrade to GarageSale 6 is free.
To get the upgrade license select 'Buy License' from the 'GarageSale' menu in GarageSale 6. This opens the built-in store.

Older Versions

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GarageSale Video Tutorial: Installation ›››
1. Download:
Click the download link on the left of this page to download the latest version.

2. Mount:
Wait until the download is complete (File name: "GarageSale.dmg"). If the disk image does not mount automatically, locate in Finder the .dmg file that you downloaded and double-click it to open the disk image.

3. Install:
When the disk image mounts, a new Finder window will open that contains the icon for your new application. Simply drag this icon to your Applications folder (or wherever you would like to keep it) to install. This copies the application from the virtual disk image onto your hard disk so the application is there for you to use whenever you like.

4. Eject:
Once the application is installed you can safely 'eject' the virtual disk that it came on and also dispose of the .dmg file that you downloaded if you choose. Double-click the application icon in the location you installed it in order to begin using the application.

You may wish to drag the icon to the Dock for easy access.

GarageSale Video Tutorial: Installation ›››
(GarageSale Online Manual > Installation)

Version History

GarageSale 6.9.8 Beta 6 (2016-02-09)
  • updated shipping services for eBay Germany
  • shipping services are now sorted alphabetically in the shipping service menu
  • turned off 'allow popups' flag for auction web view to silence unwanted popup adds introduced by eBay
  • user can specify package dimensions when using shipping profiles. This should fix the 'weight required' error returned by eBay when trying to submit a listing with a shipping profile
  • displays a warning when you haven't selected all three kinds of business profiles simultaneously. This was necessary because of recent eBay policy change
  • fixed a crash in the 'Product' panel
  • fixed a bug in the Design Template Utility that prevented saving of duplicated designs
GarageSale 6.9.7 (2015-10-4)
  • fixes crashes when running OS X 10.11
GarageSale 6.9.6 (2015-08-31)
  • added support for eBay's new barcode policy
  • performance improvements
  • embedding YouTube videos in eBay listings works again after YouTube API change
  • imports condition, condition description and item specifics when creating listing templates from existing listings on eBay
  • doesn't send subtitle to eBay that only consist of whitespace characters
  • media browser window hides when app switches to background
  • TurboLister import is less picky about line ending type in CSV files
  • 'Create Templates' button in eBay Import Panel is now updated after 'Select All' is clicked
  • fixed listing description import when using ‘Import from My eBay’ feature
  • fixed format of category ID field in category panel
  • added support for multiple value, user-defined specifics
  • fixed a bug in the 'barcode' AppleScript command
  • added the [[previewSpecifics]] specifics command to GarageSale's macro language
  • added an AppleScript command to set custom specifics
  • enabled calculated shipping for eBay UK, added missing shipping services
earlier releases ↓
GarageSale 6.9.5 (2015-04-17)
  • addressed a possible crash when opening Media browser window
  • images can be dragged from the Photos app into GarageSale's preview
  • Media browser window floats above other application windows
GarageSale 6.9.4 (2015-04-13)
  • added support for Apple's new Photos application to Media Browser window
  • fixes a connection error when communicating with the eBay API server
GarageSale 6.9.3 (2015-03-29)
  • fixed a bug that prevented variation listings from being listed as Good-Til-Canceled (GTC) listings
  • when importing inventory items from CSV files, there is now an option to update existing inventory objects
  • updated shipping services names for eBay UK to match names on eBay's website
GarageSale 6.9.2 (2014-12-22)
  • fixed a problem in the built-in store
GarageSale 6.9.1 (2014-12-22)
  • improved listing selection panel for Relist and Revise operations
  • fixed a problem with built-in updater when running OS X 10.10
  • fixed crash when adding folders from start auctions panel
GarageSale 6.9 (2014-11-04)
  • supports eBay's "holiday returns" feature, which allows buyer to return items until after the holiday season
  • tweaked shipping panel's international section to offer more ship-to destinations
  • fixed a problem with the wrong thousands separator shown in currency text fields (. instead of ,)
  • improved 'Return Policy'-panel when multiple items are selected
  • 'forward-delete' key works in the images section of the Editor mode
  • scheduled listings are uploaded even though a modal sheet (e.g. shipping settings) is open
  • removed deprecated return policy options on eBay Germany
GarageSale 6.8 (2014-09-12)
  • support for eBay's 'Business Policies'-feature
  • updated shipping services for eBay UK and eBay Australia
  • updated category data can be downloaded automatically
  • the master template is are designated by a special icon in the source list
  • when Endicia and NRG Ship clients are installed, holding down the option key while clicking the "New Shipment" button will launch NRG Ship
  • the 'immediate payment' option can be turned off during revise of a running auction
  • fixed issues when listing an item located in Guernsey
  • improved recognition of 'Feedback received' flag
GarageSale 6.7.5 (2014-06-13)
  • a template's 'user properties' are copied to the auctions section and are included in exported CSV files
  • new return options for European eBay sites
GarageSale 6.7.4 (2014-05-30)
  • improved 'Import from My eBay' panel
  • enabled 'Global Shipping' on eBay Motors US
  • fixed a bug where items where automatically re-listed even though there was not sufficient inventory in stock
  • fixed formatting problems with the tax percentage input field
  • updated shipping services for eBay Spain
  • when importing items from Delicious Library, your library contents can be sorted
  • eBay's 'Best offer' feature can be turned on or off through AppleScript
  • 'Get Product Information from eBay' menu command is now always enabled when a template is selected
  • 'Condition Description' field is available for categories that don't allow a pre-defined condition value from the popup
  • inventory quantity is correctly updated when multiple items are purchased at once
  • the 'Global Shipping' option can be turned off when revising or re-listing an item
  • fixed a number formatting problem in the 'BuyIt Now' price field
GarageSale 6.7.3 (2014-04-14)
  • fixes a bug that prevented eBay messages from showing
GarageSale 6.7.2 (2014-04-07)
  • fixed a possible crash while capturing barcodes with the iSight camera
  • fixed a possible crash while resizing images
  • fixed a bug in GarageSale's built-in updater
GarageSale 6.7.1 (2014-04-04)
  • improved stability on OS X 10.7
GarageSale 6.7 (2014-04-03)
  • calculated shipping can be offered for free
  • added support for 'Restocking fee' setting in 'Return Policy' settings
  • sellers can specify costs for 'cash-on-delivery' payment option (contrassegno) on eBay Italy
  • added support for eBay Poland
  • GarageSale's main window now supports full screen mode
  • improved preview mode
  • images can be dragged from FileMaker Pro databases onto GarageSale
  • option "Also upload images to EPS, if free" now works for eBay Australia, too
  • condition details can be specified for listings on eBay Australia
  • updated shipping options for eBay France, Italy, and Spain
  • reserve price field is always enabled now to deal with unreliable meta-data from eBay API
GarageSale 6.6.6 (2013-11-19)
  • fixed a bug that prevented gallery images to appear on eBay
  • added two new free 'Pro' designs ("Pro Eco" and "Pro Top Seller")
  • fixed problems with overseas surcharge field in shipping panel
  • added "convertMarkdownToHTML" as import field to XML format
  • added "itemCost" as import field to XML format
GarageSale 6.6.5 (2013-07-18)
  • fixed a problem that caused an eBay error message about missing images, when a listing's images where uploaded to both, non-eBay and eBay image servers
  • fixed quirks in variations panel
  • image size check now better matches eBay's image requirements
GarageSale 6.6.4 (2013-06-28)
  • when eBay's picture service is used, GarageSale will issue a warning when you are trying to upload images smaller than 500 pixel
  • "Immediate Payment" and "Get it Fast" options can now be selected when variations are used
  • fixed a bug that prevented a purchased GTC image option from being validated
  • several domestic locations in the UK can be excluded from shipping when listing on
GarageSale 6.6.3 (2013-06-13)
  • support for "same day" shipping
  • shipping services are now grouped by category on supported sites
  • can create eBay listings for items in your 'Delicious Library 3' database
  • fixed problems with uploading images to eBay's picture service when using portrait orientation
  • no longer crashes when making typos when using template language commands
  • fixed problems with accessing buyer address through AppleScript
  • updated shipping services
  • fixed problems with including URL-based images in listings
  • scrollbar in cover flow view for listing designs appears correctly on OS X 10.6
  • fixed a problem with displaying PNG files in preview when "Don't reduce image size on import" preference was activated
GarageSale 6.6.2 (2013-05-29)
  • images appear in preview again, if images are hosted on own server and 'Use original size' option is selected
GarageSale 6.6.1 (2013-05-24)
  • support for the new 'condition description' setting
  • support for eBay's global shipping program (eBay US only)
  • you can specify a lot size settings for your listings
  • updated shipping services for various sites
  • updated return policy settings for eBay Germany and eBay UK
  • scheduler now shows status icons next to each template
  • scheduler now displays error message in tool tip for failed templates
  • fixed issues importing videos from YouTube
  • improved error handling when searching in eBay's products catalog
  • search in eBay's product catalog now show's item without active listings on eBay
  • when importing listings from XML, store category can be specified through their category identifier (in case you have several identical named store categories)
  • store category popups now show their identifier while the option/alt key is pressed
  • added "Reveal in Finder" menu item for images in editor mode
  • fixed issues with authorizing Twitter account
GarageSale 6.5.1 (2012-11-20)
  • added Italian translation
  • improved handling of URL-based images in combination with eBay's Picture Service
  • various bug fixes
GarageSale 6.5 (2012-11-12)
  • GarageSale free image serving now supports images sizes up 1200x800
  • when images are uploaded to seller's own or iwascoding's server, user can select "Also upload images to eBay's picture service, if free" option, to improve mobile experience for buyers
  • item descriptions can be entered in Markdown syntax when in Editor mode
  • when uploading images, the 'picture pack' is automatically enabled if it is free on the selected eBay site
  • added high-resolution artwork for MacBook Pros with Retina display
  • supports Notification Center on OS X 10.8
  • product search panel can be opened regardless of the selected category
  • improved barcode recognition in product search panel
  • shows additional information for certain errors
  • fixed an error when an old product identifier caused listing to be put into a wrong category
  • item specifics that allow for multiple values to be selected at the same time are supported now
  • Hawaii and other US-overseas areas can be excluded from shipping destinations
  • when opening the attribute panel, current category specifics are retrieved from eBay
  • support for FTPS protocol when uploading images
  • removed Photo Stream entry in Media Browser window, when data is longer exported by installed iPhoto version
  • work around for possible crash on launch when user renamed files in backup directory
  • fixed a bug where the wrong number of sold items sold was subtracted from the remaining inventory
  • fixed an issue with track lists in templates imported from delicious library
  • direct from camera import works with OS X 10.8
  • fixed problem with quantity validation when template was linked with inventory product
  • displays purchased variation in reports
  • fixed return policy problems for eBay Switzerland
  • fixed a bug where image captions where lost when an auction template was duplicated
  • added support for shipping rate tables
  • exclude locations in shipping panel are now grouped by continent
  • best offer settings can be imported through GarageSale's XML file format
  • fixed a memory leak in the image editor window
  • fixes problems authorizing Twitter accounts
GarageSale 6.4.4 (2012-07-23)
  • fixes a bug that prevented dragging multiple images onto an listing's preview
  • fixes a bug that prevented dragging an image from the browser onto an listing's preview
GarageSale 6.4.3 (2012-07-04)
  • fixes a bug that prevented adding images to a listing's preview using drag and drop on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • fixes problems with specifying seller's return policy on and
GarageSale 6.4.2 (2012-07-04)
  • auction images are now correctly resized when uploaded from new Mac Book Pro with Retina display
  • signed with Gatekeeper certificate for better compatibilty with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • tweaked built-in auction designs to work around display problems when listing is viewed through eBay's iPhone app
  • fixed an issue when double-clicking certain table headers
  • fixed a problem with submitting listings whose title's contains special characters
  • fixed a problem with updating smart group rules
GarageSale 6.4.1 (2012-05-30)
  • support for excluding certain countries or regions as shipping destinations
  • removed MobileMe image hosting option
  • fixed multiple issues with listing items on eBay Motors
  • all possible duration values are now available as default setting for new listings in the preference panel
  • fixed an issue where column headers were not visible when printing income reports
  • custom specifics can be imported from GarageSale's XML import format
  • "handling time" can be imported from GarageSale's XML import format
  • "listing title" can be chosen as an attribute when revising auctions
  • "reserve price" can be chosen as an attribute when revising auctions
  • fixed a bug that prevented image importing directly from camera
  • improved code for updating shipping tracking number from eBay
  • fixed a possible crash when GarageSale was sent to background
  • uses most recent version of Media Browser component for importing images
  • when the SKU field is changed, item cost are updated to match linked product cost
  • when importing items from xml, empty tags are ignored
  • updated shipping service names for eBay Uk
GarageSale 6.4 (2012-03-04)
  • added support for overseas surcharge for and eBay Motors
  • added support for promotional shipping discounts
  • added a paid service for storing images for the whole lifetime of 'Good till canceled"-listings starting at $3.99/month
  • an item's barcode (UPC, ISBN, EAN) can be specified, if the product is not eBay's product catalog to improve search rank of the listing
  • during automatic re-listing, the quantity of new listing is adjusted accordingly to your remaining inventory
  • highlights auction templates blue, whose last auction sold
  • improves data import from Delicious Library
  • displays web preview of custom auction footer in Preferences panel
  • improved introduction panel on first launch
  • improved display of errors and warnings received by eBay
  • added 'Bold' listing enhancement for eBay FR
  • switched to new eBay API for downloading transaction data
  • item variations and design properties can be specified in GarageSale's XML import format
  • fixed a problem with empty auction descriptions on eBay when automatic re-listing was used to create a listing
  • when importing 'Templates' from My eBay, the auction used to import the template from is added to the list of started auctions
  • revise and re-list commands from 'Template' menu are correctly enabled or disabled now
  • fixed a crash while importing auctions from eBay that where just deleted from GarageSale
  • revising only the description of multi-variations auctions now works correctly
GarageSale 6.3.2 (2011-12-08)
  • adds "Bold" listing option for eBay France
  • rolls back a fix for eBay's supersize option, which caused gallery images to appear too small
GarageSale 6.3.1 (2011-12-01)
  • includes two additional auction designs
  • possible condition values are now derived from primary category's allowed condition
  • fixed bugs when switching the eBay site for existing auction templates
  • fix problems with posting auction links on Twitter
  • speed improvements when duplicating auction templates
  • fixed problems with eBay's supersize image option
  • fixes problems with required attributes when re-listing items
  • fixes return policy related problems on eBay France
GarageSale 6.3 (2011-09-29)
  • adds support for 80 character listing titles
  • hides inspector window when opening secondary sheets
  • add images to auctions by dragging them from your browser into GarageSale's preview
  • added support for eBay India
  • added "Feedback Received" rule for smart groups
  • improved stability of direct from camera image importer
  • fixes a problem where the Finder would report "Recovered Files" from GarageSale in the Trash
  • fixed an issue where a listing's item specifics where removed while relisting
  • fixes a crash when pasting formatted text in preview mode's title field
  • added 'Money back or exchange' refund option for eBay US
  • 'Get It Fast' listing option can be turned off when revising
  • 'Import from My eBay' panel imports correct auction when table sort order was changed
  • added PayPal shipping option for eBay Singapore
  • updated shipping services for eBay Australia and eBay UK
GarageSale 6.2 (2011-08-03)
  • variations panel behaves correctly OS X 10.7 Lion
  • auction inspector shows correct number of sold and remaining items for multi-variation listings
  • auction inspector shows correct SKU for transactions originating from multi-variation listings
  • when uploading a shipping's tracking number to eBay, users can specify what shipping carrier is used
  • when exporting auction data to CSV, the correct SKU for multi-variation transaction is included
  • added an update mechanism for auction designs purchased through GarageSale's built-in design store
  • fixes return policy problems on eBay Australia
  • includes new shipping service for eBay Australia
  • fixes return policy problems on eBay Motors
  • "International Site Visibility" (Cross Border Trade) and gallery options are removed during re-listing if not specified
  • reports no longer show negative values for some fields
  • removes secondary category during re-list if no longer used
  • simplified eBay account authorizing process
  • includes new shipping services for eBay USA
  • fixes cosmetic issues with format toolbar in localized variants of GS
GarageSale 6.1.1 (2011-04-27)
  • improved international localizations
  • fixed a possible crash
GarageSale 6.1 (2011-04-07)
  • adds a toolbar containing text formatting options in preview mode
  • adds 'Batch Find & Replace'
  • uses new iMediaBrowser 2 component for accessing iPhoto or Aperture image libraries
  • handling time can now be set in auction preview directly
  • adds "30 Days" as handling time option
  • adds support for FedEx services on
  • choosing 'Help' > 'GarageSale Help' now brings up documentation in Apple Help format
  • selecting a color for an auction design property works better
  • importing images through Bonjour template sharing works better
  • fixed a few cases where the package tracking number was not sent to eBay
  • item conditions can be imported from XML files
  • 'BIN'-price is removed during revise if no longer active
  • leaving feedback now works more reliable
  • added additional shipping services for eBay Germany
  • advanced preferences 'Include first image' and 'Include gallery image' are now respected when using auction designs
  • UI changes to "Start Auctions" panel
  • cosmetic changes to HTML report
GarageSale 6.0.9 (2011-07-27)
  • editing auctions in preview mode works with Safari 5.0.6 or 5.1 installed
GarageSale 6.0.8 (2010-11-09)
  • includes updated shipping services for,, and
  • redesigned transaction inspector
  • users can now enter deposit settings again when selling on eBay Motors US
  • added "Show auction template" button to auction inspector window for easier re-listing and revising auction
  • inspector window shows correct details after moving an auction to the trash folder
  • PayPal can be used as payment option on eBay Philippines
  • 'shipping cost' field is imported from XML files
  • 'quantity left' and 'quantity sold' fields of revised or re-listed items are now updated correctly
  • several updated auction designs
  • worked around a possible database inconsistency to could cause revise or re-list operations to fail
  • a 'buy it now' price at the auction level is no longer required when listing a multi-variation item
GarageSale 6.0.7 (2010-10-08)
  • users can enter additional item shipping fees when variations are used
  • variation panel now updates quantity and price fields immediately
  • updated shipping services for eBay UK
  • fixed Delicious Library import problems
  • new macro language placeholder allows inclusion of inventory product description in listing
  • featured first on eBay UK works correctly
  • fixed a problem with leaving feedback
  • fixed problems with decimal digits in tax amount for non-us sites
GarageSale 6.0.6 (2010-09-06)
  • can retrieve live suggestions for item specifics
  • templates that are linked to inventory products with images can now be revised
  • resolved an issue that caused preview not to be displayed when the selected category does not exist anymore
  • retrieves all available charity organizations
  • updated iMediaBrowser to latest revision to work around Aperture library import problems
  • added new UK shipping services
  • resolved several issues that prevented all YouTube videos from being available for inclusion in auction
  • upgrades from single user to family license can now be purchased from within the application
GarageSale 6.0.5 (2010-08-17)
  • fixes sporadic hangs when category paths were evaluated in smart groups
  • fixes an issue that prevented the shipping options panel from being closed after a fee value was deleted
  • fixes display issues with the text block pull-down menu in editor mode
  • improves German localization
GarageSale 6.0.4 (2010-08-09)
  • item condition can be changed from within auction preview
  • improved scheduler performance
  • updated available listing enhancements for eBay US and UK
  • gallery image setting is correctly copied when a template is duplicated
  • improved merging of available conditions when multiple categories are selected
  • removed a left-over warning about missing insurance amount when editing shipping options
  • faster access to 'allTemplates' and 'allAuctions' properties via AppleScript
  • fixed an issue that could cause custom specific names to not be displayed
GarageSale 6.0.3 (2010-07-30)
  • sorts 'Date' column in transaction section of inspector window correctly
  • fixes update problems with GarageSale's dashboard widget
  • fixes Turbo Lister file import problems
  • fixes bug where eBay messages couldn't be send to usernames containing *
  • fixes XML file import problems
GarageSale 6.0.2 (2010-07-29)
  • fixed a bug that enabled the auto-relist option for every newly created template if a master template was selected
  • displays an error if selected eBay category requires the new condition flag but none is set in GarageSale
  • scroller arrows in CoverFlow design chooser work again
  • improved German localization
  • fixed an issue where certain item information was not included in messages send to buyers
  • added PayPal payment option for eBay Philippines
  • fixed a problem with text block placeholders disappearing
GarageSale 6.0.1 (2010-07-26)
  • fixed issues where the new condition popup would not update correctly
  • inspector window works again when report is selected
  • fixed error in German localization
  • lets user purchase a license even though their e-mail address couldn't be verified
  • updated return policy settings for eBay Hongkong
GarageSale 6.0 (2010-07-26)
  • performance improvements by using Apple's CoreData library for data storage
  • batch editing: controls in Inspector window now apply to all selected templates
  • supports eBay's new item condition flag
  • support for eBay's item variation feature
  • inventory tracking
  • design properties
  • design language allows access to user's eBay store categories
  • user properties
  • image captions
  • text blocks in preview mode
  • smart groups for transactions
  • auto re-list
  • more customization options for financial reports
  • new toolbar icons
  • runs in 64-bit mode on supported Macs
  • supports eBay's watermark option when eBay's picture server is used for image storage
  • improved visual feedback while uploading auctions to eBay
  • support for 'NRGship UPS'
  • support for EPS watermark option
GarageSale 5.5.1 (2011-07-28)
  • editing auctions in preview mode works with Safari 5.0.6 or 5.1 installed
GarageSale 5.5 (2010-07-26)
  • supports eBay's new item condition flag
GarageSale 5.4.3 (2010-05-27)
  • users can now re-download purchased and subsequently lost auctions design from the Design Manager window
  • GarageSale will ask user before adding suggested item specifics to new items
  • ignores warning about eBay's upcoming condition flag change
  • will update auction preview when images are added through menu commands
  • fixed a crash in the selective revise or re-list function
GarageSale 5.4.2 (2010-05-06)
  • fixed price templates are now represented by a grey icon
  • fixed a problem with listing in certain eBay stores
  • fixed a problem with non 72-dpi images uploaded to EPS (fix only applies to new or duplicated auction templates)
  • 'Buy It Now' price is deleted during revise/relist if original auction had it enabled
  • stability improvements
GarageSale 5.4.1 (2010-04-16)
  • fixes an issue with blurry or small images uploaded to EPS (fix only applies to new or duplicated auction templates)
  • remembers last selected options for revise and relist operations
  • warning about relist costs can now be hidden
  • when importing items from Delicious Library, item title now added to auction title first
  • fixes import problems when user renamed or moved Delicious Library application
GarageSale 5.4 (2010-03-30)
  • integrated auction design store offering 50 new designs
  • four new auction designs
  • greatly improved 'Relisting' function
  • improved Twitter Integration
  • increased image size for eBay's picture service
  • new script to convert FileMaker XML to GarageSale XML
  • warns when auction title end with 'copy' when starting auctions
  • auction thumbnails are now updated after image revision
  • improved Design Template Manager window
  • improved auction preview
  • improved eBay Messages Integration
  • improved Delicious Library 2 importer for large libraries
  • 'Select All' command in preview editor makes now works as expected
  • fixed problem in cover flow view with selecting design by typing first few characters of its name
  • fixed multiple import of images when double-clicking in media browser window
  • added menu item to for choosing auction design to preview context menu
  • removed deprecated shipping insurance options
  • updated shipping services for several eBay sites
  • next neighboring item gets selected after an item was moved to the Trash
  • fixed inconsistencies in context menu of main outline view
  • offers more durations for eBay stores on eBay Australia
  • 'Best Offer' and 'Reserve Price' auction attributes can be turned off when revising or re-listing an item
  • deleted 'item specifics' are removed from eBay when an auction is revised or re-listed
  • works around an eBay bug that caused messages flagged as alert to be advertised by Growl more than once
GarageSale 5.3.7 (2009-11-10)
  • archived pages of ended auctions are now displayed correctly
  • 'Edit Image' command is now available from image context menu in preview edit mode
GarageSale 5.3.6 (2009-10-13)
  • added default setting for Return Policy in Preferences panel
  • fixed a bug that could cause GarageSale to not register your description changes
  • store inventory items can now be relisted as regular auctions from within GarageSale
  • no longer prompts to fill in available item attribute sets when category already supports custom specifics
  • fixed an issue with the Crop function in GarageSale's built-in image editor
  • accessing a buyer's zip code via AppleScript now works correctly
  • token download date now updates properly in Account preferences
  • updated shipping services for eBay Australia
  • searches in template description no longer return bogus results on Snow Leopard
  • now ships with 64 bit Spotlight plugin to work around search issues in Snow Leopard
GarageSale 5.3.5 (2009-09-04)
  • enhanced error checking when uploading images to eBay's picture service
  • image uploaded to MobileMe are now saved in /Web/Sites directory
  • 'Add Image' method now displays panel correctly on Snow Leopard
  • uses system user interface for importing images directly from digital cameras
GarageSale 5.3.4 (2009-08-14)
  • selecting auctions for Revise now works correctly on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
  • auction mode specific columns in table overview mode are shown correctly
  • updates to Photopile and 'Shining in the dark' auction designs
GarageSale 5.3.3 (2009-08-12)
  • added French translation
  • insert HTML link menu command is now available in preview mode, too
  • moved layout submenu in webview context menu up
  • layout names can now be accessed through AppleScript
  • exsiting charity information for an auction is no longer transmitted to eBay if percentage is set to 'None'
  • specifying a starting bid for store inventory listings is no longer allowed
  • fixed several spelling errors
  • fixed stalling problem in 'Import from My eBay' panel
  • resolved bug when revising auctions when the account used to start the auction is not available
  • fixed problems with string encoding for video catpure device name in preferences panel
  • table overview mode now works when viewing remote auction libraries over Bonjour
  • improved import of eBay store category settings over Bonjour
  • 'Preview' button is hidden in StartAuctionPanel when invoked from Preview mode
GarageSale 5.3.2 (2009-07-08)
  • 'Dispatch Time' setting has been renamed to 'Handling Time' and moved to first tab of inspector window
  • added 'Dispatch Time' preference setting
  • added 'eBay Item ID' as search option for auctions
  • Fixed return policy issues on eBay Canada and UK
  • 'Austria' is now offered as shipping destination on eBay Switzerland
  • improved user interface for selecting master template in 'New Template' preferences
GarageSale 5.3.1 (2009-06-17)
  • Fixed issue with return policy on eBay Germany
GarageSale 5.3 (2009-05-29)
  • All 136 multi-layout auction designs now support eBay's new 'View Item' page
  • Twitter support: Automatically updates your Twitter status when you post items to eBay
  • Added remaining character count for auction title field in preview edit mode
  • New 'Thumb zoom' layout available in many auction designs
  • Partial auction revise: When revising running auctions, you can choose what parts of your auctions to revise
  • Automatically archives web pages of ended auctions mitigates eBay's 60 day expiration period
  • Improved panel for creating groups, smart groups, events, etc.
  • Auctions can now be linked with products from eBay's catalog from the Inspector window
  • Transaction details of finished auctions can now be accessed with AppleScript
  • Improved compatibilty with Safari 4 Beta
  • Private comment field can be accessed with AppleScript
  • Added additional item properties to report feature
  • Assign sort order to smart groups
  • Stability and performance improvements
GarageSale 5.2 (2009-02-13)
  • performance improvements for large auction libraries
  • employs Apple's Spotlight technology for searching and smart group evaluation
  • enhanced support for eBay's buyer requirements
  • added support for eBay's classified ads
  • enabled special Freight shipping method on
  • users can choose between multiple combined shipping discounts profiles
  • users can drag auctions to a template's auctions table to associate the auction with this template
  • imports store categories from running eBay auctions not started with GarageSale
  • correct error source (e.g FTP server, eBay) is shown when errors are received during auction upload
  • shipping panel now asks for package dimensions in metric units for eBay Canada and eBay Australia
  • user defined text blocks can be re-ordered in Text Block manager window
  • custom mail templates can be re-ordered in Mail Template manager window
  • 'See description for shippig terms' is no longer an option on sites that require a domestic shipping service
  • fixes issue with some JPEG image being scaled down too much when previewed or uploaded
  • performance improvements when working in GarageSale's Scheduler
  • shipping tracking number field in transaction inspector is now editable
  • duplicated items are inserted directly below their original
  • lets users decide to re-list an auction even if GarageSale thinks re-list criteria are not met
  • updated shipping services for French and both Belgian eBay sites
  • warning panel for automatic auction restarts is correctly displayed when auction states are updated manually
  • deleted subtitles now gets removed when an auction is revised
GarageSale 5.1.3 (2008-11-27)
  • fixed problem with return policy changes not being always saved when multiple items were edited
  • will not post empty return policy description to eBay to preserve user preference on eBay
  • removes invisible control characters from return policy description before posting to eBay
  • fixed a bug where auction design elements would not appear in GarageSale's preview
  • will disable 'always keep on auction running' option for duplicated templates
  • fixed a crash when image editor panel was open when quitting application
GarageSale 5.1.2 (2008-11-10)
  • added French localization
  • fixed licensing problems with certain user names
  • worked around return policy related problems on eBay Motors
GarageSale 5.1.1 (2008-10-25)
  • fixed send mail panel in german localization
GarageSale 5.1 (2008-10-24)
  • added support new fixed price listing durations (30 days, good til canceled)
  • added support for eBay's new return policy details
  • added support for International Visibility listing upgrade on supported sites
  • built-in media browser now displays iPhoto events
  • added support for importing items from Delicious Library 2
  • added support for eBay Hong Kong
  • added more example Apple Scripts
  • warns if selected eBay site requires at least one domestic shipping service
  • preview mode: auction images can be removed by dragging them out of the GarageSale window
  • auction design and layout can now be specified in XML import files
  • scheduler events can be enabled despite received warnings
  • fixed a problem with manually added auction images URL containing & characters
  • added command to open built-in AppleScript folder to Script menu
  • added more transaction columns to exported CSV files
  • item location is now accessible through AppleScript
GarageSale 5.0.3 (2008-07-29)
  • adds support for eBay Germany's new shipping services
  • adds batch update functionality for deprecated shipping services
  • fixed a problem where an auction's tax information wasn't uploaded to eBay
  • includes improved version of 'colored cube' auction designs
GarageSale 5.0.2 (2008-06-30)
  • fixed auction update problems with Dashboard widget
  • template library sharing on your local network via Bonjour
  • flexible report generator for income and expense summaries
  • browse your YouTube videos and embed them into your eBay listings
  • user can choose contact group when adding buyers to Address Book
GarageSale 5.0.1 (2008-06-30)
  • adapted to an eBay API change that broke GarageSale's auction updating
  • fixed a problem creating income reports on PPC/Tiger Macs
  • several eBay messages can now be deleted at once
  • fixed possible crash when enabling or disabling designs in the design manager
  • fixed a problem where additional shipping cost fields for multi-item auctions were not visible
GarageSale 5.0 (2008-06-19)
  • template library sharing on your local network via Bonjour
  • flexible report generator for income and expense summaries
  • browse your YouTube videos and embed them into your eBay listings
  • user can choose contact group when adding buyers to Address Book
GarageSale 4.1 (2008-05-16)
  • added 'Ingore' function for indiviudal warnings and messages from eBay
  • added checkbox for limiting FTP uploads to a single connection
  • added 'Don't Show Again' option for 'Free Shipping' warning panel
  • GarageSale's own XML import format now supports shipping services
  • when using the Endicia client the auction title gets transferred to the shipment's description field
  • adds support for Value Pack listing enhancement on eBay Australia
  • supports 21 day fixed price car listings on eBay Motors US (requires BIN option)
  • 'Now and New' Option is now available on eBay France
  • removed support for German and British eBay Express sites
  • now longer offers money transfer payment option on eBay Germany
  • fixed problems with layout 'Thumbnails Left' in various designs
  • fixed a problem that caused the 'Crop' filter in GarageSale's built-in editor to crop the wrong selection
  • fixed issue where AppleScript's wouldn't terminate correctly when used to start auctions
  • fixed issue where GarageSale would not switch to new auction after successful auction start
GarageSale 4.0.6 (2008-03-16)
  • added new auction designs from Design Pack #26
  • auction mode now displays item images for newly started auctions again
  • added Ireland as shipping destination for eBay UK
  • fixed a bug where auction images were displayed in the wrong order or multiple times
GarageSale 4.0.5 (2008-02-29)
  • fixed problem with calculated shipping on eBay motors
  • miscellaneous bug fixes
GarageSale 4.0.4 (2008-02-22)
  • fixed problem with listing fees panel and new eBay fees
GarageSale 4.0.3 (2008-02-21)
  • shows selected product information in Preview mode
  • supports calculated shipping for eBay Australia and eBay Canada
  • automatically shows previously selected product info in Product Catalog window
  • auction preview updates automatically when auction properties are changed through AppleScript
  • improved French localization
  • improved application start up times
  • fixed several issues with the GarageSale widget in a multi-user environment
  • fixed an issue that prevented GarageSale from advancing beyond the "Loading Data" window at startup
  • fixed an issue that could have led to multiple auctions being relisted when a warning was returned from eBay during relisting
  • fixed an issue where the auction title could have been deleted when an auction template was duplicated
GarageSale 4.0.2 (2008-02-15)
  • users can now drag templates onto existing events in left-hand outline view
  • added an advanced preference to keep Inspector window visible when GarageSale is sent to background
  • works around issues where auction description was not saved or uploaded to eBay
  • resolves issues where GarageSale would refuse to start
  • backward button now works correctly after auction start or template duplication
  • fixed an issue where an auction's listing fee would be set to 0.00 after the auction was revised
  • fixed an issue with loading Aperture 2.0 libraries
GarageSale 4.0.1 (2008-02-01)
  • resolved authentication problems with GarageSale's free image server on PowerPC Macs
  • added French localization
  • added 'Download Auction States' toolbar item
  • improved representation of unscheduled events in auction scheduler
  • no longer tries to check offset with eBay's official time when no eBay token is present
  • works around issues when GarageSale is used on non-admin user accounts
  • resolves subject length errors when replying to questions from buyers
GarageSale 4.0 (2008-01-11)
  • unifies previously separated modes for Templates and Auctions
  • auction description and images can be edited in preview mode
  • improved graphical auction scheduler
  • faster auction uploads by using multiple threads for auction and image uploads
  • can watch with PayPal account for incoming payments
  • uses seperate Media Browser window for importing images
  • can reply to messages received through eBay's My Messages system
  • can specifiy users's skype settings when uploading auctions
  • can import images from Aperture photo library
  • no longer enforces fixed image ratio previoulsy required by eBay's picture service
  • improved search functionality
GarageSale 3.4.5 (2008-08-06)
  • added support for the new German shipping options
GarageSale 3.4.4 (2008-07-11)
  • This bugfix adapted an eBay API change that broke auction updating for the 3.x version of GarageSale.
GarageSale 3.4.3 (2007-11-20)
  • fixed problem with listing fees panel and new eBay fees
GarageSale 3.4.2 (2007-11-20)
  • fixed issues with Widget under Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
  • fixed some minor crashes
GarageSale 3.4.1 (2007-11-10)
  • posts shipping fees for additional item to eBay in multi-item auctions even if set to 0.00
  • fixed an issue where an error was shown twice when submitting invalid auction settings to eBay
  • added French localization
  • Violetta and Santa's Hat auction designs won't break if the auction is revised on eBay webpage using FireFox
GarageSale 3.4 (2007-11-02)
  • supports eBay's new community-driven specifics system
  • can speficy deposit settings for car auctions on eBay Motors USA
  • added 'Cancel Auctions' command
  • updated auction preview to match current look on eBay's website
  • fixxes serious bug with auction scheduler on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • fixed a problem where eBay store categories were lost when importing auction templates from disk
  • added imageURL field to import XML format
  • fixed a problem where eBay store categories settings were lost when importing auction templates from disk
  • includes eight new auctions designs from Design Pack 24
  • errors returned by eBay are correcly displayed on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • added support for USPS Priority Flat Rate Envelope/Box shipping services
GarageSale 3.3 (2007-08-24)
  • supports combined shipping discounts
  • works with multiple eBay stores
  • improved Acounts section in preferences panel
  • improved 'Start Auction' panel
  • can provide buyer shipping addresses to Endicia's Mac client
  • employs new officialy eBay-supported interface for uploading images to EPS
  • supports eBay's 'Giving Works' charity auctions
  • reuses existing FTP connection when FTP is used to upload images to users's web server
  • adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • adds QuickLook plugin for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • introduces own XML format for importing listings from other sources
GarageSale 3.2.2 (2007-07-06)
  • fixed problem where auctions not started with GarageSale have been imported several times from My eBay
GarageSale 3.2.1 (2007-06-05)
  • fixed problem where buyer address field wasn't updated properly
  • added additional work around for empty preview problem on PowerPC-based macs
GarageSale 3.2 (2007-05-24)
  • Offers Digital Delivery option on supported eBay sites
  • Uses CoverFlow to browse through available Auction Designs
  • Can mix flat domestic and calculated international shipping in a single auction (and vice versa)
  • Added 'Insert HTML link in Description' menu command
  • Users can now add re-usable text blocks to their auction descriptions
  • Introduces categories for Auction Designs for easier selection
  • Specify insurance and handling fees for international shippings separately
  • Can revise serveral running auctions from different templates at once
  • Ships with version 2 of the Design Template Utility for easier customization and creation of Auction Designs
  • Index of Gallery Image can be set through AppleScript
  • General Performance Improvements
  • Adds advanced preference to not load complete library to ease low memory problems
  • Allows selection of frame grabber device (e.g. iSight)
  • Added warning if especially expensive auction options have been selected
  • Switches to Auctions mode even though eBay returned warnings during auction upload
  • Added additional checks for eBay token availability when relisting or revising auctions
  • Improved warning panel when an message from eBay is received while listing items
  • Correctly updates auction table in template mode
  • Works around errors when sending messages through My eBay Messages
  • Correctly recognizes deleted .Mac image files when trying to re-use previously uploaded images
GarageSale 3.1.4 (2007-05-05)
  • adds support for new USPS shipping services
GarageSale 3.1.3 (2007-04-23)
  • now includes 105 designs
  • better handling of warnings received by eBay
  • correctly updates auction table in template mode
GarageSale 3.1.2 (2007-03-28)
  • can upload up to 10 images to GarageSale's Free Image Hosting service (instead of 5 images before)
  • added French translation
  • fixed preview glitches with image inclusion
  • stability improvements
GarageSale 3.1.1 (2007-01-26)
  • works around crash due to low memory conditions when importing auction templates from user's eBay account
  • fixes problem with wrong image size shown in Preview mode when GarageSale's Free Image Hosting is used
  • fixed problems with 'Royal mail Special Delivery' shipping service on eBay UK
GarageSale 3.1 (2007-01-09)
  • introduces Free Auction Image Hosting
  • adds several Layouts for each design to control how images are laid out (giving you 1155 different design possibilites for a single auction!)
  • adds 5 new design templates
  • improved connectivity with EPS server
  • adds support for eBay Express
  • adds 'Automatic Restart' feature (look under Template Mode > Auctions)
  • now supports all listing and gallery enhancements currenlty offered by eBay (e.g. Featured Plus, Value Pack)
  • VAT rate can be changed through AppleScript (example script is included)
  • interface improvements
  • interface improvements
  • reserve price is now correctly remembered
GarageSale 3.0.1 (2006-12-11)
  • solved issue with lost prefilled item information
  • removed bug with webdav digest authentication on intel macs
  • fixed issue with Spotlight importer
GarageSale 3.0 (2006-11-24)
  • interface improvements
  • improved application startup times for large databases
  • improved error reporting
  • supports Now & New (Sofort & Neu) auction option
  • adds assitant for setting up your own web server for image hosting
  • built-in self-update mechanism
  • adds Google Maps support for looking up buyer locations
  • improved FTP connectivity
  • new advanced preference to prevent switching to auctions mode after listing
  • new advanced preference to remove a template category on duplication
  • adds Argentina as seller location
GarageSale 2.4.5 (2006-09-15)
  • fixes problems with downloading current state of running auctions
GarageSale 2.4.4 (2006-08-27)
  • fixes possible crash when verifying template or getting auction fees
GarageSale 2.4.3 (2006-08-26)
  • includes new tempaltes previously only available through the Design Template Manager
  • more efficient memory usage when uploading or verifying multiple auction templates
  • no longer allows displays or uploads item attributes marked by eBay as read-only
  • refuses to import corrupted images files or movies from iPhoto
  • performance improvements when dragging items or moving items in hierarchy
  • [[buyerAddress]] placeholder now works in custom message templates
  • URL-based auction images are imported from eLister files
  • canceling auction uploads now works correctly when uploading multiple templates
GarageSale 2.4.2 (2006-08-14)
  • fixed problems with French localization
GarageSale 2.4.1 (2006-08-11)
  • added French localization
  • fixed problem with downloading updated design templates
  • fixed problem with using eBay's stock photo as gallery image
  • fixed problems with 'Puristic' design template when viewed with MS Internet Explorer
GarageSale 2.4 (2006-07-28)
  • can send messages to buyers through eBay's message system
  • can send messages to buyers via Microsoft Entourage
  • supports Growl notification windows
  • improved visual representation of selected gallery image
  • refined apperance of image overview mode
  • design templates can be disabled in Design Template Manager window
  • added support for eBay Singapore
  • imports eLister files
  • fixed issue where not all found items from eBay's product catalog were displayed
  • stock photos from eBay's product catalog can be used as gallery images
  • users can choose whether to include stock photos from eBay's product catalog in listings or not
  • added AppleScript menu to menu for easier script access
  • auctions can now be accessed via AppleScript
  • added 'payment instructions' property to AppleScript dictionary
  • added 'SKU' property to AppleScript dictionary
  • includes 'SKU' field to when exporting auction data
  • adds SKU based item search
  • added 'ZIP code' preference to Preferences and Intro Panel
  • eBay warnings received during item verifcation are now passed on to the user
  • added seller locations Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and North Korea
  • stability improvements
  • updated to latest eBay API version
GarageSale 2.3.1 (2006-06-19)
  • includes 4 new auction design templates
  • fixes problem with sending e-mail messages to buyers via Apple Mail
  • stability improvements
GarageSale 2.3 (2006-06-13)
  • create 'Smart Groups' to automatically sort your auctions and templates
  • use mail templates to send customized e-Mails to your buyers
  • ended auctions can be relisted with or without changes from a templates new 'Auctions' pane
  • create new auction templates from your auctions currently listed in 'My eBay'
  • extended 'Leave Feedback' feature to work for multiple auctions at once
  • added support for SKU (part number) field for auctions
  • added support for auction attributes 'border' and 'feature listing'
  • added Brazil as a seller location
  • events in GarageSale's built-in scheduler can be duplicated
  • added 'Trash' group
  • added favorites to category chooser
  • improved Turbo Lister CSV import
  • improved auction data CSV export
  • added european union as shipping destination
GarageSale 2.2.1 (2006-05-11)
  • fixed possible crash when unable to download auction states from eBay
GarageSale 2.2 (2006-05-03)
  • use your iSight to scan barcodes for eBay catalog search and batch create auction templates
  • can automatically delete uploaded acution images from images servers
  • Dashboard widget now updates without GarageSale running
  • support for nested eBay store categories
  • adds support for ClearVista's SureShip shipping service
  • Dashboard widget displays watchers, bid count and item quantity, too
  • auction images will not be uploaded if unchanged since last template use
  • added 4 new auction design templates
  • automatic HTML generation recognizes more fonts
  • added India and Puerot Rico as a seller location
  • new events in scheduler are now set to start at the same day
  • auction states are now updated past the first 200 auctions
  • fixed problem with special characters in Feedback message
  • 'Auto Update' setting in Decription Editor window is remembered
  • menu command 'convert description to HTML now' can be undone
GarageSale 2.1.1 (2006-03-17)
  • fixed problem where URL-based auction images were not included in auction
  • fixed problem where default country selection Italy was not remembered
  • fixed problem with Symbiosis design template
GarageSale 2.1 (2006-03-17)
  • built-in auction scheduler
  • added 'Leave Feedback' function
  • 10 new listing designs (that makes 50 included listing designs now)
  • users can switch between table and icon overview mode
  • buyers requirement 'PayPal account' can be selected
  • can export auction data to CSV files
  • can specify handling time (Get It Fast)
  • added smaller file format for exported auction templates
  • displays final value fees
  • new design template manager window to download new design templates directly in GarageSale as they become available
  • can choose eBay categories for several auction templates at once
  • can choose listing design for serveral auction templates at once
  • users can select an auction template whose settings are used for newly created auction templates
  • now correctly remembers if preview thumbnails were enabled or disabled
  • new advanced setting 'Reduce Image Size on Import' to reduce imported images to speed up image operations
  • includes quick pick for Apple's Backup 3.0 application
  • new shipping option 'Payment See Description' to list items without specifying shipping price
  • fixed problems with the listing fee panel
  • fixes bug where text dragged into the description field was not correctly recognized
  • fixes bug where image qualitiy was reduced for certain images
  • fixes bug where newly taken images where not recognized by camera importer
  • fixes bug where image editor was not correctly working on Intel bases macs
GarageSale 2.0.3 (2006-02-03)
  • eBay Store: fixes a problem where items might have been inserted into the wrong store category (you have to re-download your store categories under Preferences > Categories if you had problems before)
  • fixes an issue where URL-based gallery images where not displayed in an auction if EPS was selected for image storage
  • improves handling of invalid or incomplete messages from eBay, which could have led to random crashes
  • fixes an issue where category information could not be downloaded
GarageSale 2.0.2 (2006-01-18)
  • adds 6 new design templates
  • fixes problem where eBay would not accept URL based images
  • fixes problem where GarageSale Widget only displays 'undefined'
  • fixes problem where GargeSale would display French auctions through German eBay site
GarageSale 2.0.1 (2006-01-10)
  • uses eBay's new 'Unified' XML API (old API will be shut down in June 2006 by eBay)
  • is now a universal binary (will run natively on Intel macs)
  • can cancel auction uploads
  • can revise auctions started with GarageSale
  • adds browser for My eBay messages/alerts
  • automatically verifies auctions with eBay before starting image uploading
  • user can refresh auction states manually
  • decreased minimum auction update time to 5 mins
  • supports listing in either US$ or CA$ on eBay Canada
  • improved performance when scrolling or resizing window in graphical overview mode
  • displays all transactions for multiple quantity auctions
  • added forward/backward buttons
  • improved main menu bar layout
  • adds log window