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Save time and money with GarageSale's SureShip feature.  Compare our benefits, features, and see for how GarageSale can make shipping your competitive advantage!

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Save Money Shipping
SureShip saves you money shipping with preferred benefits from leading service providers.  GarageSale delivers more value for your shipping dollar.

Faster, Easier Shipping
GarageSale is integrated with eBay, delivery carriers, and insurance providers  fast, "one-click" shipping.   Say good-bye to cut-n-paste, carrier websites, trips to the Post Office.

More Protection
SureShip give you the maximum protection available for your shipments. SureShip protects your business from losses, wasted time, and upset customers that can result from shipping exceptions. 

Increase Your Income
Make shipping more profitable for you and a better deal for your customers. Our "smart" calculator and the freedom to choose the most economical services let you earn income on every shipment.  You'll also have more time to sell when you use SureShip.

Improve Tracking
Find any shipment anytime, anywhere, with any carrier.  Self-service online tracking allows you and your customers to locate items shipped without even calling you for information.

Insurance Included
Why purchase shipping insurance when you can get it at no additional charge through GarageSale?  Every shipment is automatically insured for 100% of value plus return freight.  Keep your money and forget about trips to the Post Office!   More......

Build Customer Loyalty
SureShip turns your common shipping problems into your competitive advantage. Your customers will appreciate the added convenience of "self-service" tracking, returns, and claims. You'll appreciate the savings too!

Automate Shipping Quotes
Make sure you're not also shipping out your profits by using our "smart" shipping calculator.  SureShip even guides you on how much to buy and sell shipping services for based on competitive market conditions.  Demo......

Automate Returns Reply Label Image
Save hours of extra work and hundreds of dollars annually with SureShips automated return process.