GarageSale Listing Designs

Boost up your auctions

Our free listing designs offer an easy way to make your auction vastly more attractive. GarageSale comes with over 130 flexible listing designs for you to choose from.

With each of them you can change how images and description are laid out - giving you more than 2500 unique possibilities to design your auctions.
You can pick a listing design by browsing through a CoverFlow-style view.

Test drive a selection of some designs and layouts in the Live Preview ↓ below.


Each design comes with different layout choices

In addition to the numerous listing designs you can modify the layout, i.e. you can choose the arrangement of the pictures and the auction text. In GarageSale you'll find classic layouts (images on the right, left, top...) as well as advanced layouts like galleries or awesome zoom effects which lets you create outstanding auctions within seconds. Only GarageSale offers this kind of impressive layouts.


CoverFlow for auction designs

GarageSale offers you with CoverFlow a convenient way to choose your listing designs and layouts. You can limit your choice by activating the buttons of certain design categories (one or more). You will then only see the chosen selection.
Did you know?: If you don't want to view all designs in the selection you can disable any design in the Design Template Manager, located in GarageSale's Window menu.


Flexible & smart

With GarageSale's design templates you're not limited to small image sizes or fixed design widths. Add images of any size you want to your auctions and specify their arrangement by selecting your favored layout.
Smart design and fast loading times are important for your auctions: GarageSale's design template are flexible, robust and reliable and make your auctions stand out from others.
Did you know?: If you don't want to use any design but still want to profit from the great layout choices, just take the "No Design" listing design!


Live Preview

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Test GarageSale for free

The best way to try out the designs is to download GarageSale and just give it a go. With the demo version of GarageSale you can start three auctions. This will help you to get an idea what great auctions you can create with GarageSale. Jump to the download page ›››