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Version 3.6What's New
New in Version 3.6(2021-09-01):
  • improved item details view
  • now supports eBay’s new and more secure OAuth2 authentication mechanism
  • new UI for upgraded accounts in Preferences
  • fixed some issues with notifications when you have authorized multiple accounts
for 10.12 and up

License Options

    Currency depends on your location. Additional tax (VAT) may apply depending on buyer's location.
    System Requirements:
    10.12 and up
    Supported Marketplaces:
    eBay (20 countries)
    • eBay USA
    • eBay Motors (USA)
    • eBay Germany
    • eBay UK
    • eBay Australia
    • eBay Italy
    • eBay France
    • eBay Austria
    • eBay Canada
    • eBay Switzerland
    • eBay Ireland
    • eBay Spain
    • eBay Netherlands
    • eBay Belgium (FR)
    • eBay Belgium (NL)
    • eBay Singapore
    • eBay Philippines
    • eBay India
    • eBay Hong Kong
    • eBay Poland
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