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GarageSale for iOS

Your mobile eBay app:

GarageSale on your Mac
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With the free edition of GarageSale Touch you can't start or track auctions but you can prepare your auctions for the Mac version of GarageSale. App StoreApp Store
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Ready for iOS 9

GarageSale on your iPhone & iPad

GarageSale Touch offers all the features you need to get your stuff onto eBay while you are on the road with your iPhone™, your iPod touch® or your iPad™. It's built on the experience we gained building our popular eBay client GarageSale for Mac OS X®.

Features you dream about:

  • Built-in Free Image Hosting:
    Don't pay image hosting fees to eBay by using GarageSale's free image hosting server.
  • Great Auction Designs included:
    Beef up your auctions with one of GarageSale's legendary auction designs for free.
  • Auction Sharing with GarageSale:
    Start your auctions directly from your iPhone or iPad or import them into GarageSale for Mac to refine them further.
  • International Support:
    Supports 19 different eBay sites including eBay USA, eBay Motors US,, and
  • One for all:
    This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Download GarageSale to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on Apple's App Store.

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