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Easy Localization

nibTranslates makes it easy to localize the user interface of Cocoa applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It supports .nib, .xib, and .strings files.

View the tutorials to get started:
First steps with nibTranlate

Main Features:

  • Keeps track of untranslated files, so that you or your translator can easily see what's missing.
  • Keeps track of which source files changed since they were last parsed by nibTranslate. No unnecessary paring of unchanged files.
  • Keeps track which translated files need to be re-generated since last time.
  • Minimalistic, easy to grasp user interface. "Make it as simple as possible but not simpler" - Albert Einstein.
System Requirements:
10.6 and up
US$ 34.99 (Full Version)
FREE (Light Version)
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