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GarageSale Basic

Say 'Hello' to GarageSale's little brother!

All the essential features for listing on eBay you dream about

You want to put your items on eBay effortlessly with your Mac, you care about your listing's look - but you don't need advanced eBay features such as shipping discount profiles and eBay stores which you find in GarageSale?

GarageSale Basic is less complex but includes all the essential features for listing on eBay a casual seller dreams about: perfect integration with Mac OS X, free image hosting, and the same professional auction designs that made GarageSale so popular.

intuitive, reliable, stable

GarageSale Basic is built from the same tried and tested code base that enabled GarageSale users to list millions of auctions on eBay.
Download GarageSale Basic and start three auctions for free before purchasing a license. All that's required is an eBay account and a Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.