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PayPal at a Glance - on your Mac

Manage your Paypal transactions

GaragePay lets you download, view, search and archive all your PayPal transactions without having to log into the PayPal website. It handles incoming as well as outgoing money transfers.

Refund Money

One of your customers is not happy? Well it can happen. Giving a refund has never been quicker so that you can stop being angry and continue concentrating on your business in no time.

Send Money

With an email like interface GaragePay's way of sending money can be a real time-saver when sending money to a lot of persons.

Powerful CSV Export

Looking for an easy way to add PayPal transaction data to your spreadsheet or database? With GaragePay you can export CSV files that include all information you need.

Download GaragePay and start with your Paypal account or with a sample database.
All that's required is a PayPal Business or Premier account and a Mac.