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Version 7.0.4What's New
New in Version 7.0.4(2016-09-27):
  • the auto-relist feature will re-list with the remaining quantity of the ended listing
  • local verification of a hundreds of listings should no longer cause hangs
  • original listings can be moved to a specific folder during auto-relist
  • displays an error when the system prevents access to your Address Book
  • search results can be restricted to the selected group
  • drags from iPhoto are now working in editor mode in the listings section
  • you can export multiple listings as separate files by holding down the alt/option key while selecting the "Export Listings" menu item
  • listings are removed from search results when move to trash by choosing "Delete Listings"
  • fixed an issue where selected listing properties where copied to a newly created listing, when preview mode was active
  • items in search result can be duplicated
  • the 'Launch Control' window remembers what listing properties you selected for revise or re-list
  • fixed an issue where Re-List without changes was not working correctly
  • more image editing applications should be shown image context menu
  • using an inventory item's SKU in the variation panel will copy the barcode of that inventory item to the variation
  • added "sort results alphabetically" item to search options menu
  • searches should be a little faster
  • you can enable several events by holding down the option/alt key in the panel for missing scheduler events
  • preview reloads when you change the gallery image
  • the warning about missing quantity for auto-restart listings is only shown once for each ended listing
  • fixed a bug when importing orders which contained multiple items bought through auction-style listings
  • when duplicating an item, the auto-restart flag stays enabled
  • you can now create an arbitrary number of duplicated listings by holding down the control key when invoking the 'Duplicate' command
  • added button for adding buyers to your address book to orders section
  • start date and listing fee of linked listings are now shown in the listing table for inventory items
  • added an 'Tidy HTML' command to the context menu of the Editor text mode in the listing section
  • fixed a possible crash on macOS Sierra when overview mode was invoked
  • the 'Import from My eBay' panel can now filter for active, sold, unsold, and already imported listings
  • fixed a graphical glitch in the 'Launch Control' window that prevented the 'Verifying' icon from appearing
  • invoking the 'Update all listings' command preserves the selection in the outline view
  • fixed a bug that prevented ended listing from being moved into groups contained in Trash
  • when revising a running listing on eBay, 'Condition Details' can be selected as a separate property for revision
  • groups that were opened during a drag and drop operation close after the operation finished
  • fixed a problem with the 'cost of delivery' fields currency (eBay Italy only)
  • preview generation no longer stalls when category data download fails because of an invalid eBay token
  • the 'Add URL Image' command is now available from Preview mode in the Listings section
  • fixed a bug where some listing settings were not carried over to eBay, when the settings were changed after the 'Launch Control' window for the listing had been opened
  • now longer reports an 'missing image' error when you are listing with an image from eBay's product catalog
  • cancelled orders are not shown anymore
for 10.10 and up

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