Play music from every Mac in your network and use any connected Mac as a speaker.

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Version 2.0 Beta 2What's New
New in Version 2.0 Beta 2(2015-02-24):
  • completly rewritten to reduce RAM memory usage for users which larger libraries
for 10.10 and up

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I don't see songs from connected Macs.Make sure the other Macs also run GarageTunes and use the same network.
  2. How can I use another Mac as a speaker?Just select the desired Mac in the 'Speakers' drop down menu in the toolbar.
  3. How can I exclude certain folders?You can exclude folders in the GarageTunes preferences. GarageTunes won't search music files in those folders.

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System Requirements:
10.10 and up
US$ 4.99 (Single User License)
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