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Listing CounterThis is the number of all currently running eBay listings, created with GarageSale. This makes it the most popular eBay tool for Mac!
May 24th, 2007:

GarageSale 3.2 Released

There are just too many changes in GarageSale 3.2 to cover them all in this announcement:
The new version supports eBay’s digital delivery option for electronic goods, offers CoverFlow for Auction Design selection, lets you enter re-usable text blocks for your item description, and integrates with eBay’s new international shipping options. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Please see the GarageSale page for a complete version history.

GarageSale 3.2 is a free update for all registered users (in fact all updates since GarageSale 1.0 have been free).

May 7th, 2007:

MacWorld Experiences Part 1

Although we generally enjoy exhibiting at MacWorld (and other trade shows in general), there are these ever re-occuring situations which tend to become a little bit frustrating after having been on your feet for the last six hours.
For our relief and your amusement we will start sharing those experiences with you:

April 23rd, 2007:

GarageSale 3.1.3 with Design Pack 20 released

GarageSale 3.1.3 is out. You can grab it from the GarageSale page. Among other things, it improves handling of the warning messages issued by eBay about the upcoming USPS rate change.

It also includes 4 new multi-layout designs, each of them allowing you two choose between two different background colors. You can preview the new designs here. By popular request, we also updated the Spotlight design to support up to 50 images with each layout.

Here is a preview of two of the new designs:

April 4th, 2007:

GarageSale now available at Apple Retail Stores

Finally! You can now buy a boxed version of GarageSale from at your nearest Apple Retail Store or from Apple’s Online Store.

Even if you already own a GarageSale, a boxed version might be the perfect present for your eBay addicted friend and relatives.

Thanks to the whole MacSoft crew for making this possible.

March 28th, 2007:

Get 10 auction images for free with GarageSale 3.1.2!

If you haven’t used GarageSale’s Free Image Hosting Service because 5 images just weren’t enough for you, here are some good news for you: You can now add up to 10 auction images for free with the just released GarageSale 3.1.2.

Make sure to check out the GarageSale homepage for a complete version history, screenshots, and of course the download link.

This update is free for all registered users, as all GarageSale updates since version 1.0 have been.