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GarageSale 6.7 released


GarageSale 6.7 is out and can be downloaded from here.

What’s new:

  • improved preview mode with better editing support for listing designs with dark background
  • calculated shipping can be offered for free
  • sellers can specify a restocking fee in case a buyer returns an item
  • much more

GarageSale 6.7 is a free update for all GarageSale 6 user and requires OS X 10.7 or later.

An update for the Mac App Store version of GarageSale should be available very soon.

Passing 2 million

In other news, the number of currently active eBay listing that were posted by GarageSale users recently reached 2 million. We at iwascoding like to thank all of our users for the trust they put in our team and products.

2 Responses to “GarageSale 6.7 released”

  1. pandasharks Says:

    When will 6.7 update be available through the iTunes Store?

  2. ilja Says:

    The plan is to submit version 6.7 this week. We’d like to iron out a few minor issues that were encountered by users in the release version first.